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James McDermott
Your shirt is buttoned wrong, but still a good video.
Comment from : James McDermott

Christof L
I'm sure the casinos want you to win. Why would anyone listen to this guy?
Comment from : Christof L

The only way to be a better gambler is to not gamble
Comment from : Phlegethon

Don Corleone
There is no sure way to win at Baccarat. It is like tossing a coin heads(bank) or tails(player) 50/50
chance of winning unless you pkay the sucker bet (tie). The way the rules are set up the bank has a ver slight advantage and that is why you pay a vig.

Comment from : Don Corleone

Bego Live
Dont follow the card, follow the other pattern that's not in history and you will be fine. :)
Comment from : Bego Live

Chris D
Excellent commentary; very straightforward.
Comment from : Chris D

Wild Bill
take this to heart, DEALERS CONVIENTLY MAKE MISTAKES ALL THE TIME, you better know the game and know it well, better yet put the money in a good mutual fund
Comment from : Wild Bill

Directions not clear, the deck of cards is blocking my windpipe
Comment from : yugihlh

Lord Colin
imagine being stupid enough to gamble?
Comment from : Lord Colin

Nit TheGrit
Great introductory video.
Comment from : Nit TheGrit

Camille Santiago
If you're looking for a sign choose "banker" thank me later.
Comment from : Camille Santiago

P Am
No wonder Chinese love this game... such much fuckin math
Comment from : P Am

Robert Mason
It’s all about luck
Comment from : Robert Mason

eric sunderland
What if you run out of money and you have money in the box can u go in debt?
Comment from : eric sunderland

Harry Lime
Losing money makes me more unhappy than winning makes me happy
Comment from : Harry Lime

"Baccarat has a relatively small edge for the casino."
BJ with down to 0.5% edge: "Am I a joke to you?"

Comment from : DaSmartestGuy

Be Happy
Read 'The Baccarat One-Sided Strategy (The BOSS)' book on amazon, got to be one of the best strategies out there
Comment from : Be Happy

I win every time I played, problem is I played a little too long thinking I'm gonna make more money but ended up losing.
Comment from : van211

Pi Noy
Skip to 11:21
Comment from : Pi Noy

we are rich, happy and healthy
thank nice video!
Comment from : we are rich, happy and healthy

Victor Koolplus
You just made me lose 13.48 secs of my life, what a load of HOT SHIT
Comment from : Victor Koolplus

mac Stanford
this guy is a liar there is a way to win and beat it
Comment from : mac Stanford

Or Sivan
A 1.24% adv on a non-skilled game is actually very nice. Do they have 1$ version of this game? Sounds like a nice game to play while enjoying complementary drinks.
Comment from : Or Sivan

Honest Hosts Reviews
Fun fact. If you can win; they won't be giving you coupons.
Comment from : Honest Hosts Reviews

your company sucks
Going to mgm casino today to win more of their money!! Like taking candy from a baby!! It’s even funnier that lawsuits will take even more from them!! bwahahahahaha ITS A WIN WIN EITHER WAY!!!
Comment from : your company sucks

Waldo Forsest
It’s so easy a child could make millions
Comment from : Waldo Forsest

Can someone explain that commission part? I didn’t understand it
Comment from : positiveupside11

Julio Enciso
Wow very good explanation! Going to try this in Vegas next week.
Comment from : Julio Enciso

So because the odds are so close to 50/50, if you have a table with a decent min vs max limit, the Martingale system could be viable option...?
Comment from : URAsoreloser1

0000 0000
Comment from : 0000 0000

bill shafttech
11:20 for the tip. Welcome.
Comment from : bill shafttech

Doesn't seem like much fun...........rather shoot dice ! :D
Comment from : SW627

Every time I visit a casino, I am super shocked by so many idiots who think they have some nice strategies lol
Comment from : 권율비

Joshua Allison
So basically i just put money down and wait to see if i win or lose?
Comment from : Joshua Allison

Sherwin Ayala
Blackjact is no.1 because that a battle of the brain😆
Comment from : Sherwin Ayala

In Asia the payment for Baccarat is different from the Western Casino. In Asia they called it, the Banker 6.

Meaning, if the banker total is 6 and the player total is less than 6, the banker won. But for those who bet on banker, their winning will be paid 50% of their betting sum, example if you placed your bet at $50 on the banker and if the banker got a total of 6 and the player got a total of 5 (the player total that is less then 6), you will only be paid half the amount of your betting sum ... that is $25

The reason of this mode of payment is, it saves a lot of time, the dealer don't have to deduct 5% on every round whenever the banker won. And Asian gamblers do not like loose change.

Comment from : but2star

El Tav OG
This guy is obviously paid by the casinos, I constantly win selecting the tie
Comment from : El Tav OG

The only way to win baccarat is with EZ baccarat, to count it and take the dragon 7 side bet at the right time. That side bet is vulnerable to counting methods like blackjack, except that unfortunately, it's even less lucrative. It's also a bet that pays 30 to 1, and since you'll be standing around not making any bets for long periods of time, a GOOD day as an advantage player playing baccarat would be a day where you make 20 bets and win 1 of them. That's right.... a good day would be where you win 1 bet the whole day.... and since the max bet is probably 25, and even if the odds are occasionally in your favor it's still a 30-to-1 bet for a reason, meaning the most likely outcome of any one bet is you lose your 25 dollars, and occasionally you'll win 750 instead of losing 25. And it's played pretty slowly, like 2 minutes per hand or so typically, and you'll only be doing this side bet very occasionally, and that's why you'll be standing around for long periods of time betting nothing and then occasionally betting 25 dollars and probably losing it. It would be a really big waste of time to do that, when you can play blackjack instead.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

Ryan Miller
Punto is not real baccarat... it's glorified casino war where you can also bet on the house or a tie. Do a video on Chemin instead.
Comment from : Ryan Miller

I'd love to play baccarat but casinos NEVER have low minimum tables. The lowest minimum you'll ever see at a baccarat table is $25.
Comment from : chuckschilling

Fast Eddy Love
Just wondering how long (and how?) does it take a dealer to learn the rules for that 3rd card draw? Obviously the casinos aren't going to put a dealer into a live game till they have it down pat.
Comment from : Fast Eddy Love

So how the hell can you card edging playing this? I just think Phil Ivey won it fare and square.
Comment from : Siberian

Baccarat i tried for my first time and yes you win first few time in a row then you keep losing
Comment from : zxn6869

Side/optional bets are always terrible bets at a casino table.
Comment from : TheJaybrone

Jason Howell
Ez bac can be beaten by dragon 0r panda counting
Comment from : Jason Howell

karim lavji
Get Lucky once then leave
Comment from : karim lavji

ACG is awesome
Comment from : R D

It is simple to win in Baccarat just run the game.
Comment from : wavygr

It's easier to just mentally chop off the 10's digit instead of doing all of that mental subtracting.


Chop the 2 off of a 20 to get 0

Chop the 1 off of a 10 to get 0.


Comment from : D P

Khryz05 Onadelto
Comment from : Khryz05 Onadelto

Michael Wang
The game is beatable if you have a unique set of skills. I'm on a 116 days winning streak.
Comment from : Michael Wang

Smug Smugly
Bet with the player, Bet with the bank, 9 is a Natural, 8 is a winner! , Hard 6 coming out.
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Tee Bo
So what the hell is the strategy . Don’t even watch this bs
Comment from : Tee Bo

Gal Gagoat
Great video! Thanks!
Comment from : Gal Gagoat

Jim Kowalski
Great video.
Comment from : Jim Kowalski

The clip title should not say how to win ? How to play baccarat is ok but that is every know that except the people never ever play baccarat before. We didn’t know asked for baccarat rule , we asking the baccarat tragedy.
Comment from : richardhan1929

I played baccarat for the first time, bet in banker and won 19.50. thank you Steve!
Comment from : Tom60062

The best thing about this video is that the host is low key making fun of all gamblers who think they can win at the casino without cheating.
Comment from : ipkev

Mayweather Money
I rather guess a lotto number than to play behind of rat lol
Comment from : Mayweather Money

Lol so the game that has the least house edge also requires 5% commissions? Sounds a little screwy to me
Comment from : DNTV

Crafty Alias
Isn't this game 50/50 chance then but the house takes 5% so in the long run the house wins?
Comment from : Crafty Alias

Iam Grace
Comment from : Iam Grace

Cadillac Sig
Comment from : Cadillac Sig

WWE Michael Guzman
Simple way to win,choose your tables wisely,look for a Player shoot or a Banker shoot,if either one,on a table wins more than 4 times,stick with that and bet it,you will win
Comment from : WWE Michael Guzman

saber mori
Comment from : saber mori

derrty dollas
This game can kill your pockets if your not smart. You can bet bank and player comes. Then switch your bet to player then bank comes 2 more times. Think its Player next nope its bank. and soon as you switch to bank it jumps back to player. Not to mention the tie bet. if you dont play you dont win. Atleast with a tie you can get your money back.
Comment from : derrty dollas

Stevie Thomas
Great game key is for the punter is MONEY MANAGEMENT! We as gamblers can stop and start when we want increase and decrease our bets when we want and with a percentage of just over 1% for the house u could in fact reduce this by your bet sizes ... didn’t say you will win at the end of the year but u certainly won’t lose too much percentage wise
Comment from : Stevie Thomas

Crimson King
There is no such thing as random everything has a pattern you just have to find it, baccarat has one of the easiest patterns to find in the casino. Took me 3 hours to find baccarat's pattern, but 3 years to find roulette's. Also it depends on how the shoe was shuffled sometime the banker and player end up with the exactly same amount of appearance so there is better odds with banker and the game is pretty much 50/50 a coin toss like he says. Sometimes player will show up twice as much as banker and vice versa, so really betting on banker is just giving the casino money for the same odds as player which would make it a sucker bet and a really stupid sucker bet at that.
Comment from : Crimson King

I Eat Ass
3 words- Phil Fucking Ivey
Comment from : I Eat Ass

Sheldon Cooper
Nobody could possibly win at roulette legitimately unless they 1) bet after the dealer unintentionally flashes one card 2) use a hidden secret computer in places where it's legal.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

So really... Just close your eyes and pick player or bank.
Comment from : M GARCIA

I have to say after watching this video and going to the casino twice I have made nearly double of what I brought! I mostly focused on being bank unless player shows up more than 2 times and generally avoid the ties. I had some luck streaks of bankers so I was making alot of money very quickly and was even tempted to bet a higher amount than minimum, but held myself back and only paid minimum so I could keep my winnings constant and my losing minimum. Thanks alot for these videos they are really great!
Comment from : Gloraxi

Mundo Mando
- The thing is "Punto Banco" is one of the fairest (low house edge) games in a casino to play, hands down.
- Tie bet is a sucker bet stay away!
- People want to think that each Punto Banco hand dealt is basically a coin toss.
- The math is that the "Banco" hand having marginally better odds therefore anytime you don't know where to bet, you should bet the "Banco" hand.
- People believe in "streaky shoes"... you can check the rules and play out hands for yourself... That's just how the randomness is in real life. You can keep tossing coins, the odds of getting a head or a tail is exactly the same but only if "we state that each coin toss is an individual event"... For example: If you would toss 10 coins there are 1024 possible outcomes, and that 5 of them were tails ~ the chance would be about 0.24609... ~ 25% ~ 252/1024. It's just common sense that throwing for example 10 coins the chance of only getting one kind of result ~ tails is lower ~ 0,00976... ~ 1% ~ 10/1024. The thing is that in Punto Banco the results of the hands are predetermined by the cards inside the shoe which means that each hand dealt isn't an individual event.
- A basic and safe strategy for Punto Banco Baccarat is as simple as: "you MUST win MORE bets then you lost"... eg. "you always bet the SAME amount" and if you win more hands then you have lost, then your bankroll is in positive.
- There are some sidebets at some of the Punto Banco tables out there, for example the Dragon Bet, which you can apply "card counting" to raise your odds...

- Always gamble responsibly!

Comment from : Mundo Mando

Nick Tiamzon
whatever you play in gambling like bkjack baccarat ppker ther is noo professional only need luck e even how good player u r if no luck u cannot win
Comment from : Nick Tiamzon

Jason Dragon
Craps pass line is also easy. It can't be screwed up.
Comment from : Jason Dragon

I'm a full time Baccarat dealer and I find it baffling how many YouTube videos claim you can beat Baccarat. People: YOU CAN NOT BEAT BACCARAT. In fact, you cannot beat any casino games (where you play against the house), if you could, they wouldn't exist. Correction: You cannot beat any casino games without advantage play (card counting, edge sorting, ect.)
Comment from : CouveTJ

Pablo Avila
if the casino edge is lower for the banker then shouldn't you just always bet on the banker?
Comment from : Pablo Avila

Celtic Hero
This guy is casino shill. Gives coupons only way casino would sponsor this is if it benefits. Theres noway a secret strategy would be sold.
Comment from : Celtic Hero

Lea sexy
Oh my god. How to win? Don't wasting time your explanation is to much long...lol
Comment from : Lea sexy

You cannot win. At least long term. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can come out ahead. Millions of dudes have made that mistake.
Comment from : EyeWitnessChina

Owen Cousins
Do you lose your bet if it’s a tie or is it a ‘push’?
Comment from : Owen Cousins

Max Payne
Question for American casino guide my father’s favorite game is bacart but the casino does not charge you commission on banker wins there are dragon and panda bets but Those are optional so if he were to bet banker exclusively would he have an edge
Comment from : Max Payne

Great video for beginners. However, I disagree that BAC does not have a system. Great BAC players need to be adaptive, have good memory and pattern recognition. Once you play BAC long enough, you will realize that certain things happen over and over again. And learning more of these variables help players mitigate risk and win. The only strategy is have a good bank roll (say $6-8K) and win $800-$1200 each shoe and move on. Once new BAC players learn how the game of BAC works, they need to learn about pattern recognition, then learn how to read Macau roads, then explore pattern match using their own system of short roads. Sometimes main road is strong while other times, short roads are better. First 2 cards that show up as pairs changes the pattern 60% of the time. Generally speaking, Blue push blue, red push red from the top. While on the bottom, cross colors stop the run. There is a lot to learn in BAC. Although, it may seem as simply as betting banker or player but once you master BAC, you can make lots of money than any game in the casino. Another freebee, if there is a run with at least 4 without a tie and have natural (9) as the last one, and it changes was a non natural, then the chance of the 2nd one coming down is greatly reduced to 30%. Of course, all these rules can only applied through matching the overall run of the game along with what macau and your own pattern calculation says. ..... And wait, there are much more....but...Wait for the new extensive book on BAC to come out in 2019...... waiwai...
Comment from : TheAsianfighter1

Juan Navia
I play at a casino with no casino commission. I know the banker has the advantage, so I sometimes do not play a few hands and wait for when the banker will have the advantage. I always leave the table if I double my money (I will play with the extra earnings sometimes), and will leave the table if i lose 50% of my hand. I will then return to the table after a short break and in my mind, the gaming resets. So far I have won 900$ and started with $100. A total of 6 runs. I know im a small player but the extra hundreds of dollars pays for my rent lmao. To me there is some strategy here.. even though technically there isnt.. just my opinion, good luck!
Comment from : Juan Navia

Kevin K
May I ask generally how is the house edge % precisely computed to two decimal points
Comment from : Kevin K

Mike Trafford
If you're at the table do you have to bet on every hand?
Comment from : Mike Trafford

James B
I play baccarat by flipping a coin. Start off with a new shoe, flip a coin, and see what matches the coin result. I.E. if banker wins, and you flip heads, then heads=banker, tails=player. If you win 3 in a row, pump up your bet. If you lose 3 in a row, get up and leave. I've won thousands playing like this, and have had the table betting with me when I was the only person winning despite what the board says. So far I've had a 60% win or break even rate on my sessions which is a huge edge. A lot higher than the 50% which is expected by flipping a coin.
Comment from : James B

Smokin' Joe
It amazes me that more people don't choose this game. I think the reason is the fact that the player makes no decisions at all and thus feels like you have no control. But think about it, if you stay away from the tie bet you are giving the casino a very small edge and you cannot mess up that edge by playing wrong.
For me, Baccarat and craps (pass line only with max odds - and just 1 number at a time) are the only games to play because it is impossible to screw up the odds when you play like this.

Comment from : Smokin' Joe

Luis huang
I want to know if there are professional Baccarat players? ? ?
Comment from : Luis huang

Caucasian Invasion
"easy to find a $10 min" I only go to casinos in rhode island and nyc so most people are broke in them and the limits are as low as $5 - $10
Comment from : Caucasian Invasion

Why does the casino take money from the winning bank bet
Comment from : Hello!!Goodbye!!!

Ricky PARK
Too confusing. 0_o imma just stick to blackjack and poker.
Comment from : Ricky PARK

i avoid this game lol
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Finalman26 THA BULLZ
can you count cards in this game as well?
Comment from : Finalman26 THA BULLZ

Just remember the casino holds the advantage for every single bet you make. The casino has more chances of winning than you do. In the long run you will lose any winnings back if you continue to play. They don't build expensive casinos because they're handing out money. Do it for entertainment and only with money that you can afford to lose.
Comment from : Jgburch

Phil Puglisi
you are no help sorry
Comment from : Phil Puglisi

Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
can u do a video about dice control
Comment from : Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城

YouCantFixStupid Skillz
This guy is a Fucking Clown and works for the Casino.!!
Comment from : YouCantFixStupid Skillz

This is so dumb. Take all the agency out of the player's hands and you remove the game from the game. I might as well go bet on roulette with these odds. Why did they stop dealing to the player, and letting them choose whether to hit or stay?
Comment from : linkingisnonsense

Best way to win is to find the unlucky person betting big and bet the opposite.
Comment from : A J

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