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Oh I get This Is A PARODY
Comment from : BONAFIDE BODY

raymund usi
So its basically lucky 9 in our country.
You must score a maximum of 9 points and not exceed, you get a choice to draw 1 card if your score is less than the other player

Comment from : raymund usi

To truly play Big Baccarat, you squeeze and destroy the cards without tearing them. Brings excitement and tradition to a almost even odds casino game. You have better odds of winning Baccarat than any other casino table game. Usually, I will side/horizontal squeeze if I see legs with vertical squeeze (card suit symbol showing both sides of vertical squeeze).
Comment from : elementindustrial

Steve Poarch
Bacc players are f ing ANIMALS!! Every one of them.
Comment from : Steve Poarch

P7 Baccarat
flat bet and win www.youtube.com/watch?v=nau8p8IIri0&feature=youtu.be
Comment from : P7 Baccarat

So you can mark the

Comment from : STOCKIN 3000

Track your game with baccaratwizard mobile app
Comment from : lsobtnguyen

Hass M
So is it in hexidecimal?
Comment from : Hass M

Smug Smugly
I laughed so hard I woke up the whole house. More videos like this please !
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Roger rtewwr
wtf with the extreme folding of the cards
Comment from : Roger rtewwr

Bigga Winna Crapsa
Not even ten seconds in: 'the oldest and most simplest.....' Jesus. What game is the second most simplest?
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Stupid game
Comment from : ItsaMoe

Sly DaxPoker
Quit bending them fucking cards!
Comment from : Sly DaxPoker

I didn't understand anything
Comment from : cujero

Tommy Ostrowski
Glad I watched this video, now I’m going to spend my Friday night trying to locate a casino that will let me bend the Cards, So this Boring ass game become Bending Cards Fun
Comment from : Tommy Ostrowski

tha march
Comment from : tha march

0:29 MY EYES!!
Comment from : TheKopakah

TMT, Too much talker
Comment from : 넬리쿠NELLYCW

Tim Smith
What the fuck just happened and why are cards being touched, not to mention bent? Are you seriously telling me I can pull out a pair of scissors and cut these bitches up if I want?
Comment from : Tim Smith

The Market Gamer
Comment from : The Market Gamer

Henry Rosario Gonzalez
bullshit, that's not a guide.
Comment from : Henry Rosario Gonzalez

OneMore Thing
Why destroy the Card? Pick it up and slowly look at it. I don't get that.
Comment from : OneMore Thing

Eric Hoover
Funny how he called this a game even though there’s no choice
Comment from : Eric Hoover

Rosviminda Lallana
Comment from : Rosviminda Lallana

orochimarux 3sannin
What the hell this bitch cant play
Comment from : orochimarux 3sannin

I found it easier to understand my dog's bark than this video.
Comment from : CASES

Chris Getliffe
this is comicaly bad in it's explantion. What ever LasVegasSun is, you look like chumps.
Comment from : Chris Getliffe

I still don't get it....
Comment from : reezdog

Will Darling
starts 0:46
Comment from : Will Darling

Ariana A
Why does he keep saying it’s 10 if it’s 0 , like way to make it even more confusing
Comment from : Ariana A

Mtg Loeg
So is a 8-3 equal to 1?
Comment from : Mtg Loeg

You don't bend the cards dummy
Comment from : skeetmoses

Toni Smith
So, does this stupid cunt just like destroying the cards to (get) off sexually or wtf is going on??? Because nobody does that sht in the professional level bending the hell out of the cards.. Sheeit if I was hosting a game and a bitch bent the sht out of my cards I would either be tempted to slap the stupid off her or make her pay for them.... Like what is the point of destroying cards??????
Comment from : Toni Smith

Baccarat is when you can't buy a slot machine.
Comment from : Jaydoggy531

I understood the game better before watching this this video
Comment from : A T

Mr C
DON'T START!!!! I went from making well over 300k a year for many many year to losing my entire life savings(over $800k), selling 4 Rolexes, all of my jewelry, a car, another $140k BMW I8, my wife's rose gold presidential Rolex, her $30k engagement ring, over $200k in credit card debt and loans to applying for food stamps. Exactly about a year ago this month, I went from home shopping in very affluent neighborhoods of LA to now barely scrounging to pay a 5k rent. I still have to pay my Las Vegas marker which is due in a few days without a dime to my name.
Baccarat is the absolute most addicting and dangerous game I have ever played. It only took 6 months to lose absolutely everything i owned to being jobless. Don't believe the lies. The fact of the matter is, it's just a coin toss. There is no such thing as a perfect strategy. If there was, why would casino dealers that deal millions of hands a month still be working when they can just play baccarat?? Think about it. Just last November, I had a perfect 780 score, was debt free, close to a mill in the bank, to having my checking account closed, savings depleted, and going on medication just to keep me from losing my mind. My wife was the absolute envy of her friends and so was I. A new car every year, 3 luxury cars in the garage at all times...this is the life we had. Though my friends and family don't know our situation, this is it.
My wife quit her job when we had gotten married to be a full time housewife and take care of the kids. Vacations to Europe, Cancun, etc twice a year was a norm.
I just placed my last bet today. I finally realized today the dollar amount had gotten so big, even if I were to come up 200k right now, it's still not enough. Take my word for it, don't start if you know you have an addictive personality. For those of you that still play, cut your losses and move on with life.

Comment from : Mr C

W88 สมัครแทงบอล บาคาร่า W888 club โบนัส 100%
Comment from : W88 สมัครแทงบอล บาคาร่า W888 club โบนัส 100%

Jack Skidd
Get to it ! The slow unfolding reveal is a pain in the eye if you just want to play the game .
Comment from : Jack Skidd

Jim Schwartz
It is absolutely pointless destroying the cards by bending them. The player has to show the cards anyway.
Comment from : Jim Schwartz

Shane Curlee
Poor cards
Comment from : Shane Curlee

sorry .. but I still don't get it. :-(
Comment from : reefbreaksurfer

He didn't explain that well at all.
Comment from : Eddy

Inspector Steve
I'm must be an idiot this didn't help at all
Comment from : Inspector Steve

Jisus, it is painful to watch the decks gettinv folded.
Comment from : kaliva

maljee saab
How effective is Trabeplom System? I have noticed many awesome things about this popular betting system.
Comment from : maljee saab

Deniz, Cumali Gultekin
He's saying Baccarat wrong
Comment from : Deniz, Cumali Gultekin

Fail- he dealt the banker's hand to the player.
Comment from : rranger1014

Yung Blake
Yall are just stupid in these comments if you cant follow what he's saying. I understood it just fine
Comment from : Yung Blake

dude, how many cards does a player get.
you didn't explain shit.

Comment from : Countmaster0

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We know this for a fact! ... Our Classrooms Have Taught Many Of Them For Over 30 Years!

Comment from : "HOW TO WIN IN CASINO'S"

AdDocker global business directory
A good book on Amazon on how to win playing baccarat is called, 'The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0' I think it's in kindle as well as paperback.
Comment from : AdDocker global business directory

Um what?
Comment from : xMisteeqx

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Comment from : AdDocker global business directory

Mark Reilly
soooooo how the fuck do I play this game?
Comment from : Mark Reilly

Joe Knows All
Banker wins! Just like always
Comment from : Joe Knows All

JZ Gringo
Casinos are built on losers
Comment from : JZ Gringo

Okay I missed something, what dictates another card being drawn for someone? If you have a total of 0 with your 2 cards you get another card automatically? I would think this game could be kinda fun if you just had it a bit more control with it, and allowed the player to hit 1 time only if they chose, from their first two cards allowing the rollover effect with it if it was so.
Comment from : SegaCD

holy moly
in the beginning he says face cards are zero, but later he calls them fucking ten WTF
Comment from : holy moly

Kristiyan Rukov
a few things .. "the player has more control" ohh bite me. What control does the player have ? Second - it's a fun game ? This is the baseball of gambling
Comment from : Kristiyan Rukov

Steven Gross
A college professor says one of the "most simplest games" in the industry? Seems a bit odd to me.
Comment from : Steven Gross

in baccarat can you bet on the banker and lose on purpose?
Comment from : JcLazy1

AdDocker global business directory
The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0: Casino’s House Edge Shattered. www.amazon.com/dp/B074PCHTZD
Comment from : AdDocker global business directory

Golden Produc,.
For all Those Fools That Have never Played and Won a lot And Have a Lot of People on Your back and all Eyes on you all that pressure will relieve by just opening a little and knowing whats there, Master The cards each have a unique design memorize is so that way you dont reveal 100% of your cards to the people
Comment from : Golden Produc,.

Shashi Pancholi
clear as mud
Comment from : Shashi Pancholi

Ah yes Baccurate, a game where nobody wins but the house. It's basically Faro, but with less killing.
Comment from : ObiTrev

emers twin
The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0: Casino’s House Edge Shattered. www.amazon.com/dp/B074PCHTZD
Comment from : emers twin

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The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0: Casino’s House Edge Shattered. www.amazon.com/dp/B074PCHTZD
Comment from : AdDocker global business directory

Why on earth would you show a player bending the cards like that at the beginning?
Comment from : SMaze17

Rich Kretzschmar
This is a great game.  I think I'll go to Camping World and purchase an R-Pod and make a casino for the high rollers who can immerse into the VR spectrum with their Samsung phones and then look up - down and all around the Libra scales dealt from a dragon rendered in 3-D.
Comment from : Rich Kretzschmar

I like that the comment section is full of people who already know how to play, complaining that he doesn't explain it well enough for them to understand.
Comment from : caman5

Keyran Kelly
After reading The Ultimate-Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy: 2nd Edition amzn.eu/frF0b3D I’ve finally begun to go into profit. There are two main rules to follow and the book gives a lot of advice on money management and other tips.
Comment from : Keyran Kelly

emers twin
After reading The Ultimate-Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy: 2nd Edition amzn.eu/frF0b3D I’ve finally begun to go into profit. There are two main rules to follow and the book gives a lot of advise on money management.
Comment from : emers twin

William Borza
NO ONE else commented on his shiny ass, odd length fingernails?
Comment from : William Borza

Ginger Ninja
Says "most simplest" ... closes window.
Comment from : Ginger Ninja

Jigar Patel
You know what is simple? Casino War!!!
Comment from : Jigar Patel

Robert Pirlot
Only Problem is You bend my fricken cards I'll cut your fricken hands off.
Comment from : Robert Pirlot

Charles Ovatasarn
she really is destroying the cards as he says
Comment from : Charles Ovatasarn

Alex Calhoun
since you can destroy the cards, can I use them to scratch my ass?
Comment from : Alex Calhoun

Card Trasharrat
Comment from : MrKydaman

jane jones
I read this book and it gives a way of winning. I recommend it

Comment from : jane jones

Jim Schwartz
"most simplest" at 0:08 ? For a "professor", that is lousy English!
Comment from : Jim Schwartz

wasim afridi
Pleaes cantect me pleaes i interduce a new game pleaes centect me pleaes royle casino pleaes cantect me pleaes my number

Comment from : wasim afridi

A simple guide. So simple nothing is really explained in the end.
Comment from : HeyIt'sBaert

Seems pretty stupid tbh
Comment from : LeaderOfWolves

Dave Weisbrich
Those cards were never heard from again after this dude bent them in half
Comment from : Dave Weisbrich

wtf is this
Comment from : Chris

What's the point of destroying the cards? That's just a waste...
Comment from : Kragatar

I fucking hate it when people bend the cards. It's a waste of time and slows the game down.
Comment from : CB

Дина Макарова
The Information Casinos Don't Want You To Know... START FROM TODAY t.co/qLd49wEEoj
Comment from : Дина Макарова

Ron Dorin
this mother fucker should work for hillary, makes no sense
Comment from : Ron Dorin

Theron Price
Hands down, one of the worst "How to Play" videos on YouTube. The instructor did not teach us the rules or explain anything about how the points work. Whoever was responsible for producing this video is an idiot. It's the type of stupidity that I would expect from a Millennial.
Comment from : Theron Price

Evan Chen
Looks like a decent game but the bending part is just stupid as hell
Comment from : Evan Chen

Nick Ahllan
I'm watching this video because I'm applying for a casino dealer job, yet i still don't get all of it... just the part that its a race to 9...
Comment from : Nick Ahllan

Really bad video, first you explain Kings and Queens etc. are 0. Then for the rest of the video you keep saying 10. While it's irrelevant for the score, it's really confusing to someone that doesn't know the rules.
Secondly you never explain that any score over 10 gets counted -10. Do you not realize it's super confusing to say: "You have 13, which is actually 3." Without explaining why that is?
Then you say: "The banker's cards are tucked under." But then you slide those cards over to the player instead.
And finally you don't even explain when and why someone would need to draw a third card.

Comment from : TheMrVengeance

Stona Raptor
" so these are the bankers cards " * gives them to the player * really?
Comment from : Stona Raptor

Jack Jia
it is sum mod 10, easy way to say it.
Comment from : Jack Jia

Api Trovato
Try your luck at blackjack. You have a REMARKABLY higher chance of winning. Or, if you want to try to break the house, CRAPS. Always try craps. Just walk away, when you have the chance...
Comment from : Api Trovato

Api Trovato
So anything over a nine, at the end of your 3 card hand, is zero. TENS mean ZERO. Aces and natural cards (numbered cards) are taken at their face value. If I have two number cards, of my three that equal 10, and I have a 3 of clubs, I score a three.

If I get a king and my next two cards are a four and a five, I have the best hand, 9.

This guy knows EXACTLY what he is doing when he doesn't explain the rules to you.

10 means zero, in any combination. You could draw an 8, 4, and a 2, leaving your score at four.

He also conveniently omits the fact that you have to bet how it's gonna end before your final draw.

It's not a fun game. It's a cash cow for casinos.

Comment from : Api Trovato

NetBet.org Gambling Guide
thank you for such a simple explanation of this game
Comment from : NetBet.org Gambling Guide

Chuck Billy
fuckin lame and this puto has no clue either. no wonder house wins. #DINGDONG
Comment from : Chuck Billy

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