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Nelly Neal
Can you do a vid how to deal fortune paigow poker?
Comment from : Nelly Neal

prince Roberto
For me the best Baccarat Strategy out there is the book I got from Amazon, ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0’easy to understand, very unique strategy.
Comment from : prince Roberto

Model Mohan
Good sir
Comment from : Model Mohan

toilet paper
What's the formula?? Whenr
(When banker drawing off the players third card value)

Is it just memory of a table? Like that 38 rule? What is the specific formula for banker determining if they draw or not....

Comment from : toilet paper

See John Vlog
New better explanation.

Comment from : See John Vlog

Himalay Kashyap
Can one give an extra card to a banker and player by giving them equal cards?
Comment from : Himalay Kashyap

Himalay Kashyap
Do bankers keep 3 rd cards according to their own
Comment from : Himalay Kashyap

Danny D'
I'm starting this class Monday is it a hard game to learn..
Comment from : Danny D'

Maria Maldonado
ggood learning dealing samples 👍 can you please show how to shuffle and burn cards in this game .I'm looking to take this game
Comment from : Maria Maldonado

Just10tv. inc
Comment from : Just10tv. inc

dan romanov
Very good video on confusing game, now please do tutorials for pai gow and sic bo
Comment from : dan romanov

Thank you for this lovely video , I will have baccarat test today . Wish me luck .:)
Comment from : damrongrid

V.Luyen Nguyen
Thanks alot mate. I got offer for Baccarat as second game and got so confused looking at the paper. I got so clear after watching your video & looking at the paper @ the same time.

Big help mate. Thank u again.

Comment from : V.Luyen Nguyen

Would I be right in thinking that perhaps, at one time in history, Baccarat allowed for the player (at least) to make the decision whether to "hit" or not ? It seems like these "draw" rules were maybe something casinos drafted up to streamline, or "idiot proof" the game. Thoughts ?
Comment from : SW627

Blend Creeper
I love how in the beginning, he did not explain that the number to count is only the one in the single digit after in both cards. He just assumed every brand new player will know that a 13 is a 3.
Comment from : Blend Creeper

Jonathan Jones
There is also in ez baccarat panda and dragon bonuses.
Comment from : Jonathan Jones

Meryam 93
Woow u make it more clear 😊 thank you
Comment from : Meryam 93

Hi John.thanks for very clear explaination.Could you please make full game video of blackjack? that will be appreciated!
Comment from : Dapperbla

Omar Zoubi
Great job explaining the 3rd card draw! best tutorial I seen. Thanks
Comment from : Omar Zoubi

Sat Kum
Very informative
Comment from : Sat Kum

Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars
Great video!
Comment from : Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars

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