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Gavin James
I swear the audience at the Big Bang theory will literally laugh at anything that happens. "I need wood" OMG JHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Gavin James

Gavin James
Chutes and snakes? More like poops and chutes lol
Comment from : Gavin James

Jared Burke
Japanese battleship... you mean Azur Lane
Comment from : Jared Burke

Daniella Hunt
I love game of life
Comment from : Daniella Hunt

13 dead end drive should have been on the list. also, how is connect 4 on this list? connect 4 is technically not a board game.
Comment from : ironmania2003

Thien Phung
Where is ticket to ride?
Comment from : Thien Phung

Sephanio Gaming
I ought monopoly
Comment from : Sephanio Gaming

ninja gamer
I'm making a board game
Comment from : ninja gamer

Gamer Steel
Comment from : Gamer Steel

Slevin Droginuf
What a way to start the video off, put some LGBTQ tv show . We’re looking for board games not gay guys wanting Wood.!! Wtf stop already with the LGBTQ Propaganda
You ass holes pushing that shitt on our youth should get a life... get over yourselves

Comment from : Slevin Droginuf

nithish Niranjan
Comment from : nithish Niranjan

Daniel Brown
Now you can get LIFE: trans edition.. (it makes it so you can change your piece color, but after that the game rules make it way harder to get married and you can't have kids if you go all the way, but you do get a sweet promotion at work!)
Comment from : Daniel Brown

Mr. Magpie
I just remembered that Hive is a boardgame WITHOUT a board
Comment from : Mr. Magpie

Yep, Monopoly is the best branded board game of all time.
Comment from : cance7984

Go Hard
How about operation
Comment from : Go Hard

Trevor Williams
Jumanji has to be my favorite
Comment from : Trevor Williams

Martin Thompson Feel It Board Game
Maybe try the newest sensory board game on the market taking the world by storm - Feel It! youtu.be/4xQYzysc6wY
Comment from : Martin Thompson Feel It Board Game

Radio Raven
Most of These are all pleb boardgames and the reasons why the average person is put off by boardgames.
Comment from : Radio Raven

Sangeetag Singh
Who likes kadoo the big game
like here.

Comment from : Sangeetag Singh

What about Dodge or Dare?
Comment from : JeromiaTownHouse

Rich Rusch
I love playing all kind of games. Trivial Pursuit being my favorite but honestly it's borderline calling Battleship & Connect Four board games.
Comment from : Rich Rusch

Bruce Schwering
You know nothing Jon Snow
Comment from : Bruce Schwering

Scotland yard should be on no.1
Comment from : FactBoy

rajitabh sonowal
Comment from : rajitabh sonowal

Tima Aldoseri
I always win monopoly .. is that a sign that I will be a good businessman?
Comment from : Tima Aldoseri

PPC Youtube
Clue is complicated, but AWESOME
Comment from : PPC Youtube

Scotland Yard.. Anyone?
Comment from : NS

You can go ahead and take Risk off and replace with this supposed "honorable mention"

Comment from : lednails

Mr. Nibble Nips
LOL 10:50
Comment from : Mr. Nibble Nips

What about trouble
Comment from : unclockd

No d & d 0/10
Comment from : オムニ神

Rizwana Mohammad
I have business board game but it destroy your life don't play theat game I played with my friends but I lost them 3 days later they were dead😭😭😭 warning !!!!

Don't play that game plz

Comment from : Rizwana Mohammad

Sujaya Shetty
Scotland yard is good too.
Comment from : Sujaya Shetty

Brace Brooks
Interesting video......I've never played most of these games. As far as this list goes I'm only familiar with Scrabble, Monopoly, & Sorry. I've played Chutes and Ladders just once so far in my lifetime, (in July 2010) and won it on my 1st try against 2 others. The one I like playing most is Connect 4 from the honorable mentions.
Comment from : Brace Brooks

Tripti Grover VIDEO
Comment from : Tripti Grover VIDEO

Ray Patson
I think Sorry in India is called Ludo
Comment from : Ray Patson

sharat gupta
U guys missed yahtzee
Comment from : sharat gupta

viko animations
I know monoply would be first it's the best game ever
Comment from : viko animations

Anthony Barratt
Cluedo has a gameshow in the uk
Comment from : Anthony Barratt

Hello, check the Best Board Game to give POWER to your MIND. Visit the

following link: english.supermente.net/

Comment from : SUPERMENTE.NET

Toy Perfect
I have game of life
Comment from : Toy Perfect

Noelfredo Claudio
1 monopoly but i have 5 monopoly
Comment from : Noelfredo Claudio

PokéWorld Z
Comment from : PokéWorld Z

Jennamarbles Is my life
I play 2 games of monopoly a day no joke
Comment from : Jennamarbles Is my life

I can't think of more stupid or frustrating game Snakes And Ladders. I'm glad we have better games these days. Running games can also be done well, like backgammon and some modern games. But that requires that there multiple pieces to move so you have more choices. You also need multiple dice and some interesting game mechanics other than just throwing a dice and moving. If you want a really good, easily accessible game to play with family, get Ticket To Ride.
Comment from : qvistus82

Daily Pirate

Hit or Miss I guess they couldn't miss huh?

Comment from : Daily Pirate

Gameing Childd
Comment from : Gameing Childd

Vim Alcel Naraga
11:59 Russian and Soviet Union jokes :)
Comment from : Vim Alcel Naraga

Vim Alcel Naraga
11:35 And when you say "beloved", you mean "hated"
Comment from : Vim Alcel Naraga

Comment from : Snoopy

Gulab Jamun
Is there someone who still plays board games.
Comment from : Gulab Jamun

Vim Alcel Naraga
10:44 Bart is cheating
Comment from : Vim Alcel Naraga

Vim Alcel Naraga
Ok. I went here because I thought these are BANNED board games. :)

Also, I own Monopoly and Catan

Comment from : Vim Alcel Naraga

Emmanuel Garcia
Love stratego
Comment from : Emmanuel Garcia

Rpam Muivah
Comment from : Rpam Muivah

AngelKayla 2021
I have always want it to play life
Comment from : AngelKayla 2021

Gabriel Gamble
I know how to play every game except for trivia thing
Comment from : Gabriel Gamble

noah fan_one
Hmmm that trailer surely looks suspicious.
Comment from : noah fan_one

Nicknock Play's and reviews
Bbbbbut it’s time to dddddduel😢 Yu-Gi-No!
Comment from : Nicknock Play's and reviews

Crafted Noscopes
I have a Filipino board game called game of the generals. Its pretty fun to play. There is military ranks on each team. There is only 2 teams.We plan to buy the 1980 version.
Comment from : Crafted Noscopes

Editing Photos With Sarah
I LOVE Clue, Risk, Monopoly, and the game of Life
Comment from : Editing Photos With Sarah

stojcic Matej
Cluedo:Harry Potter
Comment from : stojcic Matej

Leeroy Porkins
True story. Lord of the Rings Risk had an "expansion" that was the other half of Middle Earth, had new units, & a two player mode on the other side of the board. But it was only available in the Europe.
Comment from : Leeroy Porkins

Raphael Ryan Sabino
Comment from : Raphael Ryan Sabino

Jim Kledis
I hate Monopoly
Comment from : Jim Kledis

Itzzz Lunar
Chutes and ladders
Comment from : Itzzz Lunar

Jacob Griffin
Who invaded Spain in the 8th century?
That's a joke, the Moors!
Oh no! I'm so sorry it's the Moops! The correct answer is the Moops.
That's not Moops you jerk, it's Moors! It's a misprint!
I'm sorry, the card says Moops.

Comment from : Jacob Griffin

Thehider 1234567
9:49 except for Antarctica... and New Zealand :(

Then there's the walking dead version too!

Comment from : Thehider 1234567

alex bro show
I have jumanji
Comment from : alex bro show

Zhenticpowaaah Gd
Wheres T.E.G
Comment from : Zhenticpowaaah Gd

Aukusti Valli
Comment from : Aukusti Valli

Ayaan Ahsan Mian
Scrunchie ✅
Scrunchy ❌

Comment from : Ayaan Ahsan Mian

Alayne Sims
At the beginning you excluded like 70% of games there are!
Comment from : Alayne Sims

What about zombiecide?
Comment from : baseballguy89

hanko sanko
Comment from : hanko sanko

Santiago Mendoza
Half the games that would've made it were cut off by those crazy restrictions! xD
Comment from : Santiago Mendoza

Jay More
Clue has been changed a lot. Hard to follow
Comment from : Jay More

Cody Starr
I want a Clue edition of Transformers.
Comment from : Cody Starr

Will Huey
and some of these games ruin friendships
Comment from : Will Huey

Douglas Roth
Here in Australia #4 is called Cluedo
Comment from : Douglas Roth

Brandon Reina
I own a few board games that are for girls

The Game of Life High School Edition
Scrabble Justice Collector's Edition
Girl Talk 1995 Edition
Girl Talk Secret Diary
Girl Talk Date Line
Mystery Date High School Musical Edition
Mystery Date Sparkle & Shine
Memory Game Strawberry Shortcake Edition
Memory Game Disney Princess Edition
Heartthrob: The Dream Date Game

Comment from : Brandon Reina

This is candyland it is where you pretend to be in a candy world, haha
Comment from : KayLoTube

gospel-kingdom website
1. Tikal
2. Clank! In Space!
3. Dice Forge
4. Trias
5. Insider
6. Carson City
7. Great Western Trail
8. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
9. Agricola Family Edition
10. Alien Frontiers
11. Carcassonne: Amazonas
12. Queendomino

Comment from : gospel-kingdom website

Rowland Hempel
Screw these games - give me a deck of cards instead.
Comment from : Rowland Hempel

Yo-yo Billie Giroux
Make top 10 trivia board games
Comment from : Yo-yo Billie Giroux

Emmanuel Velasco
Monopoly was the thing, till freakin video games were made. Now I be waiting 1 hour for my friend to finish Fortnite so we can play football.
Comment from : Emmanuel Velasco

Ben Albertson
I thought they said no card games
Comment from : Ben Albertson

Mandeep Sharma
Comment from : Mandeep Sharma

Stan Lee
LOL! Good luck finding out how to play clue without YouTube😂
Comment from : Stan Lee

Weathered Memories
Where’s Bonkers?
Comment from : Weathered Memories

ArunRaj Abraham
I just bought Monopoly & Scotland yard yesterday 😀😀
Comment from : ArunRaj Abraham

Comment from : Bruh

Lloyd Paguinto
i have uno
Comment from : Lloyd Paguinto

I was hoping you'd use the Simpson's "kwidgibo" joke for Scrabble.
Comment from : krisbudz14

Alligator Andrew
INDIA is the creator of most of the board games...proud to be an Indian
Comment from : Alligator Andrew

Fathima Zahra
Monopoly 😊
Comment from : Fathima Zahra

Slim Shady217
Where jumanji and zathura?
Comment from : Slim Shady217

I knew Monopoly was going to be #1
Comment from : Jojo ASMR

Flip Flop
Monopoly sucks dick
Comment from : Flip Flop

PlayMateLunchCOOLER animations
I love the game of life
Comment from : PlayMateLunchCOOLER animations

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