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TexSAS CAT Ultimate Tolosa
I really prefer baccarat than bj
Comment from : TexSAS CAT Ultimate Tolosa

lil saw
Love your videos, your such a risk taker just so you can Entertain the fans ❤️ just Subscribed 😄
Comment from : lil saw

Filippos L
1:49 banker is supposed to pull a card
Comment from : Filippos L

Tom Bosley
That pair bet is really annoying. I'll bet the odds on it are horrible. What is this crap about a commission to the house??? I've never heard of such a thing. Baccarat is not a fifty fifty game! The house has a 1% edge. That should be enough without a commission!
Comment from : Tom Bosley

AB recon
where is the PANDA and the DRAGON on this table?
Comment from : AB recon

CLUB 963
I can say u are dame lucky
Comment from : CLUB 963

Dragons all day
Comment from : insomthegreat

Cory Eisenhower
who do you talk to to get permission to film?
Comment from : Cory Eisenhower

Ryan Braga
How much is the blue chips?
Comment from : Ryan Braga

Trev A
You gamble on everything? U know how to play all the games in the casino. Amazing!!!
Comment from : Trev A

Andrew Ng
thats some good variance going on there
Comment from : Andrew Ng

Why don’t you ever tip.
Comment from : 59BigSig

corey howard
Can you play both of the pair bets at the same time? While betting either player or banker bet?
Comment from : corey howard

skip 0464a
this was very fun to watch, i am revved up to go play baccarat this weekend now..... i am not sure if this is your full time job but if it is you are very lucky.... me, i spend part of my full time job watching you at yours!!!! i don't know if that is sad or lucky.......
Comment from : skip 0464a

abo omar
Try Spanish blackjack it's fun game
Comment from : abo omar

how can the banker have the advantage against the player? i dont understand that
Comment from : johnlee813

I bet that casino has increased its amount of people going in there because the slot lady goes there!
Comment from : dfierros83

Jack Henry
What was the burn card? There is a way to determine what to do for the first hand from it
Comment from : Jack Henry

Basem Sayed
Lol there is a super funny tone in your voice. Especially when u say “ finally” lol I bet u have lots of friends hhh
Comment from : Basem Sayed

Tanner Elmore
New strategy— have no strategy
Comment from : Tanner Elmore

Kehan Ma
Great win.
Comment from : Kehan Ma

Monica Soto
Dammm girl you did one hell of a good job 👏🏻. Gotta get on your level
Comment from : Monica Soto

I always see this game and there's ALWAYS people on it but I never understood how to play. But you gave me a small idea about it
Comment from : TheNinja07

Victor Fernandez
I Really Enjoyed This Video. I Have Been Wanting To Learn How To Play This Game. Much Love From San Diego California
Comment from : Victor Fernandez

Ashley Young-bae
How’d they let you record while you were playing? So cool
Comment from : Ashley Young-bae

Carlos  Avila
She’s so beautiful
Comment from : Carlos Avila

Kistler Clipz
That tie money just goes right down the drain
Comment from : Kistler Clipz

Jerry Little
Pair is just a sucker bet
Comment from : Jerry Little

Angelo Cianfrocco
I gave you thumbs up even though I don’t like Baccarat. Good luck at every game.
Comment from : Angelo Cianfrocco

ong jun tiong
Thanks for the detailed video, congrats on the win. Slotlady is the new baccarat princess.
Look forward to more of your baccarat sessions, god speed

Comment from : ong jun tiong

I played one time I won 7 games ina row
Comment from : LIL MILIO

The Baccarat Kid
Excellent night brilliant brilliant teeth
Comment from : The Baccarat Kid

Christopher Berggren Poker
how much is the red worth
Comment from : Christopher Berggren Poker

Khai Tran
Hey cutie, how many baccarat table they have there?
Comment from : Khai Tran

David Burris
She always plays table games at the classiest hotel in Las Vegas!
Comment from : David Burris

Reece hittin the Piece
Do you always let the dealers know if they make a mistake or just for the channel??
Comment from : Reece hittin the Piece

I love baccarat again next for new video.Thank you.
Comment from : Knockig

Clifford Chun
Only fools bet on pair
Comment from : Clifford Chun

Cali4nia Dreaming
She's way better than those baccarat player who overthink it too much lol
Comment from : Cali4nia Dreaming

kikin velasco
I love you!! I have 32 years how old are you?
Comment from : kikin velasco

Ray Tjandra
Queen of gambler sarah
Comment from : Ray Tjandra

juha mo
So beautiful😍 and Nice video keep going👌😎
Comment from : juha mo

John Teardo
Well played!!!

Comment from : John Teardo

Carolyn Chin
Nice, Sarah! Cool that El Cortez has expanded to letting you film bacarat!
Comment from : Carolyn Chin

Baccarat is the game!!! Good Job Sarah!!!
Comment from : Scromes

Emmett Petersen
Love Baccarat
Comment from : Emmett Petersen

Finally a win lol
Comment from : pimpballer3

Kwai Brian
Would you mind showing us the roads next time ??
Comment from : Kwai Brian

Pi Noy
Does casino have Panda n Dragon baccarrat game? I will visit Vegas soon. It is all about multiplier win I go after.
Comment from : Pi Noy

Stanley Barkman
Talk about fire.....she’s hot and steaming peeps...wtg sara
Comment from : Stanley Barkman

Neil Thamawatanakul
Do you have any strategies when you play?
1. When to bet Banker/Player
2. How much to bet and when to increase/decrease your bet.

Comment from : Neil Thamawatanakul

Chris Johnson
Dropping a comment before I even watch the video I've never played baccarac so I'm hoping to learn something from you young lady appreciate the videos
Comment from : Chris Johnson

Beverly anne
I wish youd bet on tie lololol!!!
Comment from : Beverly anne

Ready Set Play Arcade!
More baccarat plz.
Comment from : Ready Set Play Arcade!

Samuel Jeong
Why do you keep betting on pairs?
Comment from : Samuel Jeong

Gary Sharp
The house edge on baccarat is about the same as blackjack depending on how you play. Either way the casino has the advantage
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Shine Flame
Just wondering, what would happen if you lost all your money and owe the casino commission? Do they let you off?
Comment from : Shine Flame

I much prefer this type presentation to the live streams. It keeps the "experts" out of the conversation and is much more relaxing and enjoyable to watch. Great idea!
Comment from : qdood

Reid Dylans
Banker 1.06% edge
Player 1.24% edge

Comment from : Reid Dylans

Reid Dylans
Baccar-ah silent t
And for those Stakes request midi style where player handles cards.

Comment from : Reid Dylans

Clinton Stephan
Love all your live table game streams.
But I'd like to say that I'm not a fan of this angle. Seems too far away and hard to see cards.

Comment from : Clinton Stephan

Lisa Haviland
That was awesome Sarah, don't know what the hell was going on, but awesome win.Love your channel 💝🤑😚👍🙏
Comment from : Lisa Haviland

Tracey Stevens
I play it sometimes but I usually leave the table if I get up $100
Comment from : Tracey Stevens

Jessica Skain
Thank you! I enjoyed watching and learning a new card game! Ty!
Comment from : Jessica Skain

Watching From India

Comment from : YCP

Kevin Macky
Somebody call the zoo! A fox is on the loose.
Comment from : Kevin Macky

Maria Perez
WOW, Congratulations 🎉 on your winnings there Sarah!! "Sorry", I missed your premier game last night. But I saw the reply Saturday morning Aug. 31, 2019 Unable. You do know you're stuff 😉 using poker cards, Sarah!! 🌹😅😎🍀🌹👍
Comment from : Maria Perez

Jeff Ng
Hi Sarah, just watched your Baccarat stream, nice win btw. I hope you do another Baccarat stream the next time you're in Vegas it's a fun game, and I love watching you play it. Take care, and have yourself a G'day Sarah.
Comment from : Jeff Ng

Kent Brooks
Nice work!
Comment from : Kent Brooks

$800+ in 26 minutes not bad but becareful of baccarat addiction i have seen asian lady lose 50k in 30 minutes its no joke game... and also seen $2 million win in about couple hours anyway its rich people not us lol... but Slot lady. remember to play for fun so slots might be safer and youtube worthy...
Comment from : BialyOrzel777

Anthony Kernich
good win
Comment from : Anthony Kernich

Latanya Renee
More videos like this please
Comment from : Latanya Renee

CrIpPn TeXaS
Awesome session
Comment from : CrIpPn TeXaS

Der Wüstenfuchs
Next strem poker
Comment from : Der Wüstenfuchs

meunier rudy
ses du black jack
Comment from : meunier rudy

meunier rudy
bonne chance sarah
Comment from : meunier rudy

At Sea Gamblers
Wow fun❤️
Comment from : At Sea Gamblers

Angela Anthony
Glad you won
Comment from : Angela Anthony

Dennine Flowers
Awesome run congrats😎
Comment from : Dennine Flowers

Ronald Coad
case player/bank has a total of 8 or 9, no cards are drawn further. The hand is a Natural.

If player's total equals or is less than 5, the hand is dealt a third card.

If the player does not draw a third card, the bank stands on 6 or more and draws on 5 or less.

If the player takes a third card, the bank decides on whether to take a third card according to Bank's third-card-rule to the right.


In case the bank's total is less or equals 2, the bank draws a third

If the bank's total is 3, the bank draws a third card if player's third card is not an 8.

If the bank's total is 4, the bank is to draw a third card if the player's third card is not a 0, 1, 8 or 9.

If the bank's total is 5, the bank draws if the player third card is a 4,5,6 or 7.

In case bank's total is 6, the bank will draw a third card if the player/s third card is a 6 or 7.

The bank stands on a total of 7 or higher.

Comment from : Ronald Coad

DJ Alaska
“that was awesome” you looked so happy 🙏💕👸
Comment from : DJ Alaska

Boba Monster
Was there no dragon bet? I’ve never seen that before
Comment from : Boba Monster

Steven Szabo
I think it might be time to open a new channel called Baccarat Lady!
Comment from : Steven Szabo

The Reservation
It is about time you play baccarat. Oh my goodness watching you get slaughtered on 21 made me wish you’d play bacc more often because its not a house advantage game like 21. and please oh my you play the sidebets? 🤦🏽‍♂️ you know i love you but geeeez. Killin me. 😂😂🏆👈🏽
Comment from : The Reservation

Eliseo Palestina
Great Win Sarah You deserve it 🍀💖🍀💖🍀💖🎲💖🍀💖🎲😀😘
Comment from : Eliseo Palestina

Aditya Shah
Baccarat game i think is best game.
Comment from : Aditya Shah

Ricky Chau
I literally was there 2 hours ago and hit a Cleo 2 jackpot for 3500. I said I only went there cause of a girl I watch on YouTube name Sara The assistant manager said thanks Sara you cost us 3000 lol
Comment from : Ricky Chau

How fun!!
Comment from : EZROLLER

Diane Roberts
I had no idea what was going on but am so glad you won! 🤣🤣🤣. I will rewatch to see if I can learn the game. Thanks for filming.
Comment from : Diane Roberts

DJ Raiders
Just Shared and Like This Stream
Comment from : DJ Raiders

Teresa W.
This was quite interesting. I have a better understanding of this game now. I think I will play this when I go to Vegas in oct. . Thanks for filming ur play.
Comment from : Teresa W.

Sorry I missed you live! Great session!
Comment from : daver8521

Irineo Pedraza
Saludos desde peru
Comment from : Irineo Pedraza

Jim McGarry
You're so good at baccarat
Comment from : Jim McGarry

bernie udo
Hi Sarah. It's Latin to me. Enjoy your channel. Even though I don't bet on sports yet am a sports fan, ever try laying a bet at the sports book at the casino you frequent? Know it's small potatoes, but betting on a team that almost always covers at home risking $100 may be just the change of pace. For the last decade it's been New England. The payout is even money, but then again this isn't slots. May the "Luck of the 🍀 be with you."
Comment from : bernie udo

How much was the total commission you owe to the dealer. It would be nice to know. Thanks
Comment from : airplane312

Michelle Denieff
Fun win
Comment from : Michelle Denieff

The way it works is they take your money
Comment from : MegaPanda1234

Heath Brown
Stick with one or the other. In the long run it will pay.
Comment from : Heath Brown

Michelle Denieff
Go get em, lady Sarah.
Comment from : Michelle Denieff

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