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Terry Craig
Would be nice to see them using different color chips and more people to try and follow action with instructions. Good vid though
Comment from : Terry Craig

Matthew Emery
Comment from : Matthew Emery

Good explanations silver fox guy. And he is calm and patient and they show you the board while he's explaining. I'm gonna try my luck at the casino tonight!
Comment from : dudehere1981

Troy West
Since he talked about the Come Bet soo much, I wonder why he didn't mention about a 7 being thrown while ur bet is in the Come?
Comment from : Troy West

lucky jiggly wiggles
the stick man looks like he's having the time of his life... lmfao
Comment from : lucky jiggly wiggles

lucky jiggly wiggles
why the hell do you have a sunset station craps table in your house?
Comment from : lucky jiggly wiggles

Doug Hendricks
Angela hasn’t aged a day.
Comment from : Doug Hendricks

Mr Marvellous
Great explanation of a game.
Comment from : Mr Marvellous

Kzar Lopez
She needs to be on pornhub.. For sure
Comment from : Kzar Lopez

Kzar Lopez
lmao okok lets be honest in my Opinion id say a good 98% of us men would have had a instant comeback to that .. hahahaha idk if she would have been so forward and flirtatious with us.. ultimately he handled that like a champ . i have a feeling she might try another shot at him just to see how far she can push him..
Comment from : Kzar Lopez

Don Elia
Comment from : Don Elia

Jimmy731b np
I want to give her the hard 8
Comment from : Jimmy731b np

art gasset
She smoking hot
Comment from : art gasset

She said rack at 2:16 and he was shook for second...lol
Comment from : Chris

Keep ur rack clear. Naughty girl
Comment from : ScagSwag21

Cooper Massey
Who else thinks the wizard of odds is a virgin?
Comment from : Cooper Massey

William Monteith
I cant concentrate. I just keep fantasizing about banging her on the table
Comment from : William Monteith

Comment from : FUCK YOU

She has a great attitude. She works in Vegas so she obviously knows all of this stuff. She's a great presenter
Comment from : strangebrew420

Rashaid Taher
Bitch aint loyal...
Comment from : Rashaid Taher

Anthony Kernich
free odds bet is the best bet in the casino
Comment from : Anthony Kernich

T.J. Mendillo
i like how the dealers are acting so serious and shouting everything out when its just some guys dining room with a craps table lol
Comment from : T.J. Mendillo

I like it when she shoots low. 😁
Comment from : khmerrcsouljah

somethings telling me that female is in heat
Comment from : Disavowed

It think it would of been more helpful to show more of the table where the bets are being placed. Though I did learn more than I knew. Thanks
Comment from : NewNow4u

Nurse Jake
“You can touch them” 😂
Comment from : Nurse Jake

Comment from : NO NAME

Is his nickname Rusty? Does he have pocket sand?
Comment from : ME

Chris Butler
When she rolled an 11 on here first roll why did she not get paid?
Comment from : Chris Butler

Chris Butler
One question, as you roll I felt like I missed why you have to do another come out roll and the odds are off?
Comment from : Chris Butler

The Shark
She gives off a definite Amy Adams vibe! She just put $20 on the cum line! The guy in black looks like Dwight K Schrute from The Office! LoL
Comment from : The Shark

I am The Batman
Is she flirting?
Comment from : I am The Batman

that woman is fucking sexy
Comment from : temuzero

Just10tv. inc
Good video 🤑
Comment from : Just10tv. inc

Mister X
He should be talking to the camera......distracting he talks to Red....
Comment from : Mister X

very informative...
Comment from : 804titan

Kha'al Amen
where does angela deal I wanna visit that casino
Comment from : Kha'al Amen

John Stevenson
She SO looks like Amy Adams! It’s crazy! 🤪
Comment from : John Stevenson

Comment from : lonny82ify

Comment from : lonny82ify

Nice tits!
Comment from : KillerDoc42

Betta  B
Keep the Raack clear
Comment from : Betta B

Jim Hines
Christ Almighty she is GORGEOUS!!
Comment from : Jim Hines

Devin Barnard
2:15 keep her rack clear
Comment from : Devin Barnard

Patrick  Falcone
I wanna watch anything with amy adams right now.!!!
Comment from : Patrick Falcone

Titus Garcia
Comment from : Titus Garcia

Tim Burr
Very good. He explains the perfect strategy here at the craps table to minimize the house take to 0.3% That's as good as it gets at ANY game in a casino. Most other bets at the table and other games in the casino are a minimum of 5% to 15% house cut!
Comment from : Tim Burr

Tim Burr
Wow. Those look real.
Comment from : Tim Burr

Sean A
I'd like to give her 8 the hard way
Comment from : Sean A

Mike Y
I volunteer to assist in observing the status of her rack, its what friends do 😂🤣😂
Comment from : Mike Y

Emmanuel Vacakis
Of course the best bet is the don’t and don’t come and laying odds for the house. The dealers don’t like don’t bettors because it’s more work for them. I myself don’t care to do the extra work. I’m happy when the players make the best bets and am happy to see them win. The other players are also not happy to see someone bet against them either. But the dice can’t hear any of it. You just have to be aware of possible dice mechanics. They can change the odds if they are successful. But very few people can do it.
Comment from : Emmanuel Vacakis

Emmanuel Vacakis
You can have your odds on come bets working on come out rolls if you want. And you should have them working all the time. Turning odds off on come out rolls is like not taking odds for one roll. The odds for a seven to roll is always the same whether you want it or not. If you can have your flat bet not working on come out rolls, then you can have your odds not working on come out rolls as well.
Comment from : Emmanuel Vacakis

I noticed when you were talking about the come bets, when a seven comes out (17:35 on the video) and you have a come bet going don't you get even money on those bets? Also when you had come bets going and a 2 is rolled (17:20 on the video) don't you lose the come bets? Thanks

Emilio Avila
They smashed
Comment from : Emilio Avila

take off your blouse!
Comment from : stacky512a

Thats one hott bitch
Comment from : jay2009fun

Jason Eddy
Holy batsh!t she is hot!!!
Comment from : Jason Eddy

Henry Ng
Sounds complicated. I think I'll just head on down to the alley and play some street craps.
Comment from : Henry Ng

Justin Kaiser
*chuckles, yes, keep your RACK clear lol that was so ripe just 2 minutes into the video
Comment from : Justin Kaiser

I wrote a book on how to make money on craps. Chapter 1 is Run The Craps Game. There is only one chapter.
Comment from : wavygr

36FullPress Craps
Good information thanks for your time
Comment from : 36FullPress Craps

Gary Sharp
Waste of money of you ask me
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Constant Craving
Her: "Can I touch them, or do I just reach down and grab it?" Him: "You can touch them."
Comment from : Constant Craving

Dale Mitchell
I'm sorry but to be honest come bets not really all that great you really get paid more just placing a bet. Seriously. Example it goes to the 9. You have 5 flat at say 10 odds all together you get 20 bucks. You place it for same amount it pays 21 might as well take the extra buck and get paid more you really have to get heavy odds just to make a little more of money come bets are shitty bets
Comment from : Dale Mitchell

Dale Mitchell
Oh one more thing as a stick person you have not woman with clothes like that you short stick her so can lean over further to get nice you get better view wake the hell up stick person
Comment from : Dale Mitchell

Dale Mitchell
I wanna be the base person so I can get a view everytime she throws and all damn. Or the box person would be ok and I wet my pants looking at that lol
Comment from : Dale Mitchell

Dale Mitchell
Girl likes to play with her breast oh my lol. The stick person is not very good either can tell enthused hope he doesn't act like this on a real live game
Comment from : Dale Mitchell

The game itself is very simple, it's the betting that's complicated.
Comment from : dragonslayer015

This was okay but the information needed more visuals. I didn't care for the extra jokes would rather have information instead of an infomercial feeling video.
Comment from : Cobalt503

Captain Crayzay
This is cringy AF
Comment from : Captain Crayzay

I bet he wishes he won a cum bet in her ass!!!
Comment from : MARK'S HELMET

That red head is fire ass hot!!
Comment from : MARK'S HELMET

Luke Daly
The guy's comment about Angela being one of the best dealers in Vegas is very justifiable.
Comment from : Luke Daly

The guy in the black is irritated that you woke him up out of bed ,and are playing at his table! Ha
Comment from : dfierros83

John Bailey
The guy in the black just got done pleasuring himself to her
Comment from : John Bailey

John Bailey
Is the guy even talking?
Comment from : John Bailey

13:20 “It’s your turn shirter... shooter.”
Comment from : TreyMDNC

Me and Angela need to get nipple to nipple.
Comment from : hershysquirts187

Dude... the “pun” and subsequent laugh at 2:15 is cringe-inducing. Seriously, it send shivers down my spine. Your videos are super-dope though. Keep them coming my dude.
Comment from : TreyMDNC

Poker Junky
did anyone see all the orbs around him. its cool
Comment from : Poker Junky

J Wil
I'd put my chips right in that rack.
Comment from : J Wil

MAGA 2020
Like to clear her rack.
Comment from : MAGA 2020

i work in finance and still struggle with the numbers in craps hahaha
Comment from : dbacksfan2

Fast Eddy Love
I take it that craps as it is & was played on the street & in private games with no table is just a simplified version of Las Vegas craps games?
Comment from : Fast Eddy Love

Fast Eddy Love
After the point is established---from another instructional video I watched--they said you put your chips on the table & a casino employee verifies what you're placing your bet on. Is that correct? Because this video makes it look like players place their own bets where they want them to go. I suppose I could ask this question as when/where (on table) & when/where (on table) do you not place your own bets? Obviously you put your chips on the table...OK, I'm getting repetitive here.
Comment from : Fast Eddy Love

Wrong camera angle..
Comment from : mrkrharris

Oh boy, Mike. Three minutes in I could see this was going to be way more drawn out than necessary, the complaint we are both aware was so prevalent in the prior series.
Comment from : TomBrooklyn

Michael Silverstein D.C.
I play a ton of high stakes craps and so I feel I can say this with a clear head. If you are still placing your drink in the chip rack, you are a complete idiot. first, its not a flat surface and the drink can fall onto the table and second, how many times do you need to be told before you understand? Clearly you are either not a craps expert or you are just an idiot. No offense but thats the way it is.
Comment from : Michael Silverstein D.C.

Gloria Mercado
She’s annoying. You can teach without her.
Comment from : Gloria Mercado

elton cultice
you guys need to get a room, i moved on after 5:40 to find someone serious about teaching me
Comment from : elton cultice

Adam Pauley
Never throw money on the table when the shooter is trying to get his point. 99% of the time the shooter will roll a 7 n lose.
Comment from : Adam Pauley

Alex Kingcole
keep that rack, baby.
Comment from : Alex Kingcole

Las Vegas Craps Dealer
OK, I got it.
Comment from : Las Vegas Craps Dealer

Blade Runner
If you place your chips in one particular rack, you're definitely getting slapped. Guess which one?
Comment from : Blade Runner

i'd like to place a come bet on Angela's clear rack
Comment from : f11ize

jeff phillips
The stickman looks like a compusive masterbator... don't trust those hands in a shake.
Comment from : jeff phillips

Richard P
At 17:36 she rolled a seven but one die did not hit the backboard, shouldn't that have been called a no roll??
Comment from : Richard P

when can you pull your bets off the numbers
Comment from : 1101bear1011

tw. milkie
christ all these horny kids in the comments...
Comment from : tw. milkie

They make it seem so friendly but go up to a craps table at a casino and people are way more aloof and when I asked one of the workers if a seat was taken they just shrugged and went “I dunno” it had a $5 minimum at the table so it wasn’t high rollers. The table was pretty empty too
Comment from : strangebrew420

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