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Then Repeat
Hey, build a simple poker app for normal people minus the hype, adds, BS... I've tried to find one a few times to pass some time but I always delete them due to said complications. Thanks!
Comment from : Then Repeat

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover best online online poker course try Card Crusher Fixer (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.
Comment from : edgardoxxd1

Ben De Buckingham
Is There any android app worthed on the market ?
Comment from : Ben De Buckingham

Would you ever do a video on what are the top 3 best poker courses to improve play?
Comment from : FSshizz

Hey Alec, I tried to use your link for the trial of your poker course but it only leads to your blog. On your website there is no info where I can find it. Do you have a functioning link?
Comment from : maroceracer

I know this is not the same subject but just wondering when starting to learn to read and watch players should I just watch the two players to my left or right or more? Any suggestions or tips to help will be appreciated . Thanks in advance
Comment from : CHARLES Everage

sfg gh
When to bet for information and when not to? Suggestion for a video
Comment from : sfg gh

Ilavenil Arumugam
I love an app called Preflop+. It has nash charts and equity calcs. It should be on your list too, Alec. :)
Comment from : Ilavenil Arumugam

Alec, I have a crazy question. I've been getting crushed at 1/2 no limit playing fairly Tight and aggressive. Three betting my believe I have the best hand. Over the last month I've lost my entire bankroll, I have reviewed hands I've lost. In almost every hand but I lost I got it in good. With the other guy being at least a 4 to 1 underdog and I'm losing. Anything will help
Comment from : Motivatedk9

Hein Dattel
Thanks for the clip.
@tally counter: so you have 2 different counters there for that purpose at the same time? Or how does it work?

Comment from : Hein Dattel

Nikita Kutukov
Hi, Alec. Love your videos.
Try "Poker Bankroll Tracker". You can do a lot in one app:
VPIP, ROI, $/Hour, $/100 hands,
Equity Calculator, variance calculation
Hand replayer
Share with friends
Also a separate PIN on the app just in case :)
Maybe you like it too

Comment from : Nikita Kutukov

my brain is the poker tracker
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Ronald Wose
Thanks Alex
Comment from : Ronald Wose

Roberto Soto
I got 3 new apps ;)
Comment from : Roberto Soto

I would add 'for live poker' at the end of the video title. Of course Pokercruncher could be useful for online play too but most of the apps you mentioned are totally inferior to a HUD if playing online. Worth clarifying that for the noobs.
Comment from : EverDayBest

Great video
Comment from : REI LIVE

25% VPIP really in a cash game your raising every fourth hand ?
Comment from : DocRox

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