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Sorry if it was stated in the video or written somewhere, but do you suggest simply to bet Banker in your Theory/Method? THANKS! -Kevin
Comment from : KM KM

4aces Productions
Gamblers can't be helped. Why? Because they are gamblers! Let me explain... One win will not satisfy the gambler--even 100,000 wins will not satisfy the gambler! The gambler will keep on gambling regardless of winning or losing. That's the fact. Now, go think about it before you think about helping a gambler.
Comment from : 4aces Productions

Eric Mendoza
I hate the Martingale system! It's only good for streaks.
Comment from : Eric Mendoza

mike cowley
How do I get it
Comment from : mike cowley

Charles Wilson
Good work thanks.
Comment from : Charles Wilson

The Good Gardener
My buddy always says: "when I go to the casino I play a dozen shoe if I'm lucky, not a thousand!"
He wasn't wrong...

Six Figure BACCARAT EXPERIMENT: DAY1 www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqStPNLH7Dg&t=12s

Comment from : The Good Gardener

กชกร โกลัญญา
gclub in Thailand You can play

Comment from : กชกร โกลัญญา

ya it will work 10 times until that one bad day u have and lose it all x20 martin gale wont allow table max caps u in the long run ull lose it all all systems fail in the long run casino know that and trust me if they knew it mess up their profits they stop it just like card counting a joke
Comment from : megotmesources

GG Baccarat
I will soon be offering an Excel program with macros that will allow the user to test various martingale progressions and bet selection options. I am looking for volunteers to take part in a test group. The test group will be limited to 5 people that I will pre-qualify based on time zone (US or Europe) and ability to speak English. Please contact baccaratgravy@gmail.com to apply for the test group. This is no cost to take part and no obligation.
Comment from : GG Baccarat

davidorama amarodivad
Comment from : davidorama amarodivad

James Tran
ive been playing bac for 15 years plus... no system exist. Period. this is a game of pure chance. the casinos will say the "banker" has a slight advantage that why most will charge a 5% commission on banker wins. But in reality, there is no edge or house advantage for the "banker". its the casinos rake. The casinos can easily say the "player" has a house advantage and charge the same. If the casinos dont charge something, they would never make any money unless the house wins. it banker/player, heads/tails, black/red, 50/50. here is your best bet: Rule#1 gamble with what you are already willing to lose. if you bring 1k, act like you threw it out the window already. dont gamble with what you can not afford to lose. Once you have come to terms with that or have a bankroll you can live without or afford to lose. Move on to rule 2. Rule#2 bet big to win big. (simple, no explanation needed) Rule#3 play the streaks or patterns. This means if it is streaking, be on the streak with progressive betting. If it is choppy, play the chop. If it is grouping or doubling up, play it. I know the past doesn't predict the future but in this game of bac, its the better bet. I have seen players bet against the streak, thinking that it will jump (and yes eventually it will) but I advise against being that player. You are better off betting with the patterns than against it. Here is the last rule and it is the golden rule, GOLDEN RULE, quit while you are ahead. Good luck fellow players.
Comment from : James Tran

Corey Gigoux
Hey greetings what's a good bankroll for 10.00 and or 15.00 min tables
Comment from : Corey Gigoux

Nice video 👍
Comment from : PRO HORSE PUNTER

The first video about Baccarat that isn't completly full of shit. I can't agree on all but on most of it
Comment from : HohesHaus

“If you can’t be disciplined in your play, you shouldn’t be gambling at all, end of story”.
You couldn’t have said it better. Needed to hear that, now I need to stop being stupid.
I have a lot of work to do but am glad I found your video and thank you for the information.

Comment from : aran125

Robert Barnes
Jerry Patterson. back in the 80 s had a. system called target .. and yes this 3 bets works I did it for a long time but disciplined is the key
Comment from : Robert Barnes

Jerry Carr
hella nice video friend.
I've been doing my own testing with pin and paper for 25 years

Comment from : Jerry Carr

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