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Ante Bekavac
so in simple words its Blackjack just dont count 10s? am i right?
Comment from : Ante Bekavac

Best hair cut on YT
Comment from : jim

Earnest Adams
who else came from rush hour
Comment from : Earnest Adams

Very boring I prefer poker it’s more fun
Comment from : Superutubeking

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Comment from : 온라인게임에이전시

lucas balags
Have you read, ‘The Ultimate-Bullet Proof Baccarat Strategy,’ the system in this book works really well. amzn.eu/95ZImKl
Comment from : lucas balags

Master Mind
Bet dude ain't never played Baccarat in his life. Lmao
Comment from : Master Mind

Fuck Playing Baccarat
Comment from : SRBTrading

poorly done
Comment from : theseeker123

Online Casinos Canada (OCC)
I recommend learning to play baccarat at online casinos. Before I learned to play, I felt intimated to try out the game in person. I played for a while online until I felt comfortable. It’s a fun game, and I think a bit underrated actually.
Comment from : Online Casinos Canada (OCC)

Jhang Phuc
Fuck u
Comment from : Jhang Phuc

Fahad Khan
looks like the musician from foo fighters.
Comment from : Fahad Khan

Stjop Avetisyan
ոպշմ աննասուն խաղ ա
Comment from : Stjop Avetisyan

Carolina Guerrero
very low volume
Comment from : Carolina Guerrero

Pointless video - sub-titles in the way and very poorly explained.
Comment from : cluxseltoot

Brendan Guildea
how can an explanation be soooo bad???
Comment from : Brendan Guildea

Jason Chen
the post confused speech
Comment from : Jason Chen

Harshil Shah
many of the major casino apps will give you free chips to help start you play, i turned 30 into 220 the last few days this link shows you the way PLAY83.COM If I could give you one key, and one key only to more abundant life, I would give you a sense of your own worth, an unshakeable sense of your own dignity as one grounded in the source of the cosmic
Comment from : Harshil Shah

Virgin? I see a wedding ring on his hand.
Comment from : patio87

Gideon Davis
Babbling nonsense
Comment from : Gideon Davis

Bibing Aftingta
what is the meaning of baccarat??????????????
Comment from : Bibing Aftingta

scott blackula
LOL I think his apron was too tight
Comment from : scott blackula

Sean Drake
bond james bond
Comment from : Sean Drake

buddy o.O - basics please.....
Comment from : Dexiotechnia

Wait.. you get a paper to read off of? I'm willing to work at expertvillage for half of what hes makin!
Comment from : GuyHimGuyisme

Come learn the right way in playing BLACKJACK and learn the system that offers a 65% success ratio. Check my profile and visit my website to learn more.
Comment from : blackjacksecretcode

Is he reading off something?
Comment from : Mike0707

. . . riiight O_O
Comment from : Waltz4Venus02

this is classic no idea how to play still :)
Comment from : KINGFLX

Just learn by watching! This is the worst explanation ever!!!
Comment from : toyotis24

Is that Chuck Norris' geek brother?
Comment from : KC23Green

Delfin Sumcad
Im going back to the slots
Comment from : Delfin Sumcad

Nick Pattison
sometimes i pee on the floor cause the toilet is too far away
Comment from : Nick Pattison

wow! what the hell was that , that was the worst explaination ever!!! i still dont know how to play
Comment from : videomix1

@DeathwishDeluge sitting my table test on the 14th of april. i would appreciate a video
Comment from : acecvet

Its pronounced baccara not BaccaraT
Comment from : sirscrotum

Patrick Schweizer
high limits - amazing jackpots visit high-roller org
Comment from : Patrick Schweizer

This guy is learning as we are :)
Comment from : addy1231

Thanks for nothing
Comment from : coolerthanluzi

This guy is terrible. Why didn't you just say that face cards are worth 0, instead of confusing people with subtracting 10?
Comment from : danyal2

Ok, this is the third video i've watched of yours, they are really bad, i'm sorry i usually don't say things like this but jeeze, they are really REALLY BAD. Remove those freakin subtitles, you can't even see anything on the videos i've watched. And come on, you need to explain things a little better and not just do it in one shot, take it slower. These really seem like they are jokes, they almost seem unreal.
Comment from : Layk35

@diddymuck Do I look like a dictionary diddyfuck?
Comment from : newzonerz

@newzonerz prat means ass, donnit, berk?
Comment from : diddymuck

oi mate this was a piss poor atempt to um..umm..explain..um..baccarat,and you look like a tit in that apron..prat
Comment from : newzonerz

Fitness Farang
Comment from : Fitness Farang

blackjacks easyer
Comment from : Dollysplit

eeeer u should explain the aim of the game, not the tableau. And what a natural is... and baccarat is the worst hand. you're obviously not familiar with this game so why try explain it, in such a horrible manner
Comment from : Jas0n39er

Darragh White
what a horrible description of how to play - did you not even rehearse it before making the video?? You dont explain what the overall aim is, what the hell is the "draw cards if you have 0-5" crap - I understood how to play better before watching this video 1 out of 5 stars
Comment from : Darragh White

I dont under stand this game or pai gow poker. I think ill just stick to my texas hold'em!=-)
Comment from : Djss323

Pete C
aGaIn...WtF iS tHiS SAD!
Comment from : Pete C

Comment from : h5y

Best way to explain the Tableau is Players Hand: Draws 0 - 5 6 & 7 stands 8 & 9 Naturals (No more cards) Bankers hand: 3 stands 8... 4 draws 2 - 7, 5 draws 4 - 7, 6 draws 6 & 7 7 stands... 8 & 9 Naturals (No more cards) Also 5% commission on winning Banks hand or paid 1 to 2 on even money Baccarat...
Comment from : La1930CosaNostra

chris tian
check another video if u know nothing about baccarat..this one sucks for beginners
Comment from : chris tian

confusing explaination
Comment from : Chin

dont know how to play still turn up volume shutty video 1.5
Comment from : mrbankalot

yeah...too low the volume
Comment from : ndryu

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