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Aaron Ronnquist
Hi. Is Flopzilla hooking to the live table and provides information on the fly? Or is it for after the play? Is there a software that calculates proper action or bet size (based on data it collected and board) and suggests it on the fly? (Not automated action, not bot action).

Thank you in advance.

Comment from : Aaron Ronnquist

Mikhail Kotelnikov
That's a really good looking book you made!
Comment from : Mikhail Kotelnikov

I hate Dany.
I would seriously like to thank you for all the video that you have uploaded concerning poker. I still have some leaks in my game that I am trying to plug but because of you I am constantly turning a profit and increasing my bankroll.
Comment from : I hate Dany.

LOL i bought flopzilla and play with like 3 times.shame on me 😅I know yu made video already but I don't know how to use it to figure out hands versus rec and reg relative to my plays could you give me some advice?
Comment from : L P

T Fro
James, I've watched your videos for years and have watched all of them. I also watch other famous YouTube Poker channels, some very famous ones and yours is my favourite. You have such a relaxing, soothing voice which lends to your thorough explanations. I am missing your lack of videos at the moment but hope you're enjoying life James :)
Comment from : T Fro

Hey buddy just a question about Core App. Is it available in uk store? Thanks man
Comment from : GiuseppeCdH

Gavin Nolan
Your great help aside.... What a beard! Just a little fading on the sides would take it to the next level. ;) Keep the volume, but just fade by the jaw hinges
Comment from : Gavin Nolan

basket ball
i'm sure floplizza can do anything equilab can do, what do you think?
Comment from : basket ball

You da man
Comment from : whthrtln

Tony England
James, your videos are excellent, I was wondering if you had any simplification rules for the mathematically challenged (I'm thinking along the lines of the 4x and 2x flop and turn odds calculating of hitting your outs).
Comment from : Tony England

Can you make a video regarding the new update to flopzilla? And how it is different and does not have
Comment from : FrankDF

Mike Hunten
I have a Mac and didnt know that flopzilla wasn’t compatible with it. Will they refund my money or show me how to convert it over.
Comment from : Mike Hunten

Mike Hunten
Hey, James, I bought flopzilla today and can’t download it. Any tips on how to do this? It somewhat confusing with registering and the hardware is.
Comment from : Mike Hunten

Flopzilla can do range vs range now. Scylla came out with Flopzilla Pro I think after this vid was published.
Comment from : hubomba

my5takes poker
Check out premiumpokertools.com I can't recommend it enough. It can guide your analysis step-by-step which is super useful when starting out. It also factors in bet sizing and pot odds alongside equity which gives me a more complete understanding of situations. Plus, there's a range builder and other software included which I haven't tried yet. Oh, and it's browser-based which means I can now use any computer (I have Flopzilla and oRanges for Mac but find I use them less as I save and share my analysis online). Anyway, I can honestly say I've improved since using it - and that's what counts imho.
Comment from : my5takes poker

Currently, Flopzilla is working really good on MacOS with tools based on wine, eg. CrossOver. I've no problems after last Flopzilla update. (before I had some performance issue on mac when running with CrossOver). VM is an option of course as well.
Comment from : freebsd89

John Griller
Super random unrelated question:

James, why don’t you post videos of u playing poker nowadays? We only see u breaking down hands and giving advice but do you even have a winning graph/resume to show us that what u say holds some weight? Would like to see where u play at online or live these days. A BR challenge would be a good video/streaming idea to help u grow ur channel.

Comment from : John Griller

Justin Werner
Super fun drinking game: drink every time he says "software"
Comment from : Justin Werner

Eric A
Help me understand how this can help you in live-play. We can't be inputting Oppo hands contemporaneously, so is all this most suited for on-line play? Do you input critical hands after-the-fact, for post-analysis?
Comment from : Eric A

Mark F.
Hi splitflute i like your videos i watch while all and always click the thumb thingy. Thank you!!
Comment from : Mark F.

Kramer Poker
Dude, your content is great. Thank you very much, you're a bless to the community!
Comment from : Kramer Poker

lewis powell
This was a really useful video, thank you.
Comment from : lewis powell

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