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Michael Hellyer
The best of the 3 "how to" videos I watched. Thanks. I think I'm familiar with the rules now, however, I just don't see the fun. Players bet before any cards are seen and they don't place any bets after the (first) cards are drawn, so where's the fun? It looks to me like just flipping a coin to see if you win or lose.
Comment from : Michael Hellyer

Tyler Roberts
Thanks! Looks like a great way to lose some money!
Comment from : Tyler Roberts

Thank you for this, I've always wanted to play baccarat. It's more similar to blackjack than I figured. Fairly easy to understand.
Comment from : wildsmiley

Paistin Lasta
I used to be angry because they changed Baccarat to Texas Hold'em in Casino Royale, but now I understand why. Baccarat is just "Place your bet on A, B or C and see what happens"
Comment from : Paistin Lasta

Paistin Lasta
As a long time Bond fan I am bummed that Baccarat is such a dull game. Kind of like Blackjack but the player has no influence on the game. You're not really playing cards, you're just betting if hand A or hand B is better.
Comment from : Paistin Lasta

3 or 4 losses in a row using the Martingale and you’re already down by quite a bit and squirming in your seat. A little scary for me.
Comment from : JIMI T

Paul West
Clearest explanation yet. Much thanks.
Comment from : Paul West

Craig Holbrook
At 1:55 you indicate that cards 3 + 7 + 10 = 20 in an effort to further explain MODUL0 10. That is wrong per the card values of Baccarat. Cards 3 + 7 + 10 = 10 initially being that a 10 card has a value of 0. (Then the modulo effect is applied for the final value of a zero.)
Comment from : Craig Holbrook

Mayank Pandey
A quick guide of #Baccarat rules


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Comment from : Mayank Pandey

Don Huynh
Ties pay 8 to 1.. not 9 to 1 + your original bet.. this guy doesn’t know how to play baccarat..
Comment from : Don Huynh

martin dan
You don’t lose if it’s a tie buddy.
Comment from : martin dan

Thuy Trinh
Everything was right except for the loss on that tie.

Ties push. You don’t lose player or banker bets since it’s a tie. You just don’t win the 8-1.

Comment from : Thuy Trinh

u made a mistake.. when it is tie u dont get total 100 u get 90.
Comment from : David

Did you just totally just forget to mention betting on pairs for the player's and the banker's hand which pays out 11:1???
Comment from : URCHIN SAM

easymoney454 WQ
1:55 shouldn t be 3-7-10 = 10 ? cause 10 got the value 0?
Comment from : easymoney454 WQ

Sander Ter Heide
1:50 20???
Comment from : Sander Ter Heide

this game is garbage. 5% lol fuck outta here
Comment from : Draztik

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Comment from : W88 สมัครแทงบอล บาคาร่า W888 club โบนัส 100%

Ferrari Fred
0:47 HOW IN THE WORLD can it be played with up to 12 OR 14 players?!
"It can be played with up to 12 players but sometimes it can be 14, who knows or even cares, really?"

Comment from : Ferrari Fred

Ana Conda
What? If i bet on banker the casino gets 5% commission?
Comment from : Ana Conda

Shit game , poker is better
Comment from : Superutubeking

Inspector Steve
Who's hand is shown first, or are the both shown at the same time?
Comment from : Inspector Steve

Michael Angel
This game is like "cups" on Friends episode.
Comment from : Michael Angel

Bigin Japan
Thats wrong!
If you put money on player or banker , when tie comes
You get your bets back!!

Comment from : Bigin Japan

The Ripped Reaper
"I admire your courage miss ..."
Comment from : The Ripped Reaper

AdDocker global business directory
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Comment from : AdDocker global business directory

It’s almost a more complicated version of Casino War
Comment from : 619 WWE FAN

Nob the Knave
Shiiit this game is rigged all in for the house, aint even remotely worth it.
Comment from : Nob the Knave

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Comment from : GoLottoGo Lottery

in baccarat can you bet on the banker and lose on purpose? please let me. I am trying to learn.
Comment from : JcLazy1

For some reason this stupid game attracts very rich gamblers, I have seen people play 10 to 20k hands
Comment from : transformer889

Bet with the bank. Bet with the player. Nine's a natural.
Comment from : TMWSITY

emers twin
The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0: Casino’s House Edge Shattered. www.amazon.com/dp/B074PCHTZD
Comment from : emers twin

I have a friend who is addicted to this and lost a fortune. Totally miserable. Went from three hundred dollars to sixty thousand to broke. All this ......get out when you can advise is bull shit. Just avoid the fucking casino and invest in stock if you have to gamble at all.
Comment from : BigV

Why in the world would anyone want to play a table game that preety much half the time u arent winning 1 to 1 cuz of this 5 percent bullshit, ill stick to blackjack
Comment from : nidapro

At 5:50 the banker wins. So why does the player get paid?
Comment from : murderousmaths

Keyran Kelly
After reading The Ultimate-Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy: 2nd Edition amzn.eu/frF0b3D I’ve finally begun to go into profit. There are two main rules to follow and the book gives a lot of advice on money management and other tips.
Comment from : Keyran Kelly

here because of Ivey
Comment from : R-a-p-id260

Yawn. This game sounds really boring. There's no skill, and like with other casino games, it's a losing gamble.
Comment from : lewiszim

Great explanation.
Comment from : powertoachieve

Adrian Testa
(at 1:55) Why is the 3, 7, and 10 equal 20?? I thought 10 is worth 0? Although I understand that the since the total is higher than 9 the left most digit gets dropped, so only in this case it matters whether or not the 10 is worth face value or 0. I think this may be an error hahaha, please let me know what you think :)
Comment from : Adrian Testa

Bronx Al
The start of this video jay silva stole and put in it in his baccarat videos.
Comment from : Bronx Al

Video starts at 0:30
Comment from : HeyIt'sBaert

I don't get how Phil Ivey found an advantage with this game to win $20M, even with faulty card markings. It's not like you can bet AFTER you get your cards, and it's not like you can choose or not to choose another card. They are what the are. Can anybody explain this to me?
Comment from : guibox3

i was told... always bet on banker... so ignore tie bets or player bets, this isnt black jack baby
Comment from : Reggie

Alvin W.
does it mean player with 6-9 stands? Does both hands stand means both player and banker stands? youtu.be/juMyMuf7Cdo?t=4m20s
Comment from : Alvin W.

Seim Old DickHead
so its just pure luck this game?
Comment from : Seim Old DickHead

sggaga gagga
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Comment from : sggaga gagga

Katrice Rager
Don't get greedy! Cash-out your winnings TRY NOW t.co/2SzhnDI7I4
Comment from : Katrice Rager

If it is a tie, you DO NOT lose your bet on either player or banker, you merely breakeven or get back your original bet.
Comment from : TheTraveler

Malik J
I wanna try this game, but dam I have a love/hate relationship with gambling. SMH
Comment from : Malik J

Damon Gill
so basically to play the game you don't actually need to know the rules anyway? as there are "must stand" and "must draw" rules? sounds boring compared to other casino games...
Comment from : Damon Gill

NaK4 parallax
thank you
Comment from : NaK4 parallax

ramesh rai
Good work bro
Comment from : ramesh rai

ramesh rai
Best lessons thankx
Comment from : ramesh rai

the game that's actually featured in casino royale. loved the move, but hated they dumbed it down for the masses and made it poker.
Comment from : piper77

Sy Lee
I noticed a couple of mistakes in this video. For example, Tie bets pay 8 to 1 not 9 to 1.
Comment from : Sy Lee

Starts at 0:31 if you're wondering
Comment from : dash1dash2

why does the banker hand have a lower casino advantage?
Comment from : wenbarry

Muhammad Ali
I'm not a gambler but I like this Baccarat game. Don't gamble with your mortgage or rent money and you'll do good in this game.
Comment from : Muhammad Ali

My Asian friends play this and this video taught me alot
Comment from : RED STANG

5:20 Player and Banker are actually a push.
Comment from : FlagDUDE08

Jasen Slaman
Was that a computer you made say the word "modulo" haha. -
Comment from : Jasen Slaman

Ricky Tapia
I know ppl making a living off this game
Comment from : Ricky Tapia

Filipi E.S
When he says tie bet is not recommended in the long term cause of its high cassino advantage: lol, the game itself has high cassino advantage in the long term
Comment from : Filipi E.S

Good logical explanation of the game. Thanks
Comment from : MRT RACING

Excellent explanation!
Comment from : Ben

mukesh nayak
a number of the commercial casino web sites will credit you money for nothing to start you off, i turned 40 into 270 the last week this link shows you exactly how PLAY83.COM A brick could be held in one hand, and a stack of dollar bills in the other, to illustrate the difference in weight between the real and the imaginary
Comment from : mukesh nayak

William Chin
Need some Baccarat links? You can go to tweet=LinksCasino or williamchin888
Comment from : William Chin

Manoj Gayan
It's a good video & explained very well about the Baccarat.............Love to play it.Is it in a Italian language also?
Comment from : Manoj Gayan

Mado Elebiary
very nice video i really like it i watched it twice
Comment from : Mado Elebiary

finally a useful video.
Comment from : fastasslexus

Very clear! Thanks!
Comment from : jtks34

Bruno Leroy
Do you know where we can play baccara on french site? I would like to try this for "real" instead watching this (good) video :)
Comment from : Bruno Leroy

S M Mustafizur Rahman
i don't have any idea about this game... after watching this game i got an idea how to play Baccarat game. to pass the free time this one is a very nice game... and this video is very easy to understand and any one can play this game after watching this video ... see this video and useful to learn a new game...
Comment from : S M Mustafizur Rahman

Benji Beer
ohh i really love this game ty so much!
Comment from : Benji Beer

Excellent video. This should be the standard for instructional videos on card games.
Comment from : PHALANX

Karim Khan
I did not know about this game earlier, but in this video, it is a detailed introduction, I guess what it would be. Good Introduction.
Comment from : Karim Khan

alex bucci
it's fantastic,I am learning so
Comment from : alex bucci

thanks it's very useful to learn it!
Comment from : girl2843

Laura Ghirarduzzi
Very useful and clear! So helpful for me, thanks.
Comment from : Laura Ghirarduzzi

Mustakim Ahmed
Enjoy your life with casinator, i like it
Comment from : Mustakim Ahmed

like the game..wanna play..:)
Comment from : thrakib

Claudiu Smahon
good job...i like it ...useful for beginners ..:)
Comment from : Claudiu Smahon

double venus
That's very useful. I've always wanted to learn baccarat.
Comment from : double venus

Gio 7
fantastic video!
Comment from : Gio 7

Nistor Silviu Florin
goood made tutorial..
Comment from : Nistor Silviu Florin

I learned a lot. Nice indeed
Comment from : biplobsau

Salvatore Diadori
this video is very well made and interesting. Baccarat is one of my favourite game and this video is very usefull
Comment from : Salvatore Diadori

Undoubtly very well realized adn rich in content. Useful in every case. Great video.
Comment from : pmcorso

Jummadon Larma Thodega
Comment from : Jummadon Larma Thodega

Valsa G
No need to think - that make a game. Doesn't it?
Comment from : Valsa G

I've seen people betting $10K per hand in Vegas
Comment from : shrsnj

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