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Bro u cannot depend to one table😅
Comment from : ツA

Pointless Minutes
@2:10 how the fuck is that a natural 8??? Dummy
Comment from : Pointless Minutes

5:00 onwards, you lost 3 consecutive plays with your system... haha
Comment from : BAI CAARAT

Super Koo
14:46 why didn't you bet player to complete the "nail" like you always said? So why sometimes the nail and sometimes the 3 underdog, i don't get it. You might explain?
Comment from : Super Koo

Adithya Yaganti
You must follow down. Otherwise you are missing out on all those long threads.
Comment from : Adithya Yaganti

I just learning this game one problem. Why do they put the cards back into the pile in the same order that it was dealt. The stack on her right will never change if they dont shuffle it.
Comment from : SS85

Chris Chase
That’s the 38 special
Comment from : Chris Chase

Papa Tanara
Awesome I’ve picked up a lot cheers
Comment from : Papa Tanara

Steve Goodiski
Does betonline payout real money? Just curious i’m new to the whole online gambling thing
Comment from : Steve Goodiski

maricon paminniano
I want to play by online how?
Comment from : maricon paminniano

Bender Bending Rodriguez
the thumbnail though.
Comment from : Bender Bending Rodriguez

Kaj Allison
omg i keep seeing 96 lol 196 likes. and 9, 6 cards and you ended with 6,496
Comment from : Kaj Allison

Royen Hajo
can you learn it  to me with my money in discord ??
Comment from : Royen Hajo

Are you still using this system today?
Comment from : djregisterx7x

what an angel that first dealer
Comment from : TEKU PEN

Samantha Fresnido
You are a pro.
Comment from : Samantha Fresnido

David K
It's an 8, not a natural 8. Natural is when it's an 8 or 9 with just 2 cards. Thumbs down
Comment from : David K

omar farooqui
Counting cards helped me improve my baccarat game but I really like this method so now I make even more using this method thanks for your awesome videos.
Comment from : omar farooqui

Brian Mancuso
This guy is a moron. For someone who acts like he knows everything, you would think he would know what a 38 special is at 4:30 in. Just saying...
Comment from : Brian Mancuso

Noah Cx
wth is that clickbait cmonbruh
Comment from : Noah Cx

Shane Sketchley
That feel when you got a 6.6k "buy in" and call the 1st hand you play a NATURAL on 3 cards.. Oof.
Comment from : Shane Sketchley

David Lima
Also when you see 3 cards turn into an 8 or 9 it’s not a natural

Natural 8 or 9 is only when it’s only 2 cards “supposed to be an easy win”

When you see picture, picture, 8 that’s not a natural & def not an easy win

Good on you for winning & taking profits

Comment from : David Lima

David Lima
If you look at the historical data that you keep talking about

Runs can happen of 8-10 all the time on a single color, almost every game

So don’t keep saying data says it should switch after 2-3

Comment from : David Lima

How about...…..BACCI 3 WAY FLEX
Comment from : PAUL RIVERA

I Track your game with baccaratwizard mobile app
Comment from : lsobtnguyen

Comment from : kickflip614

If the bank has a total of 3, the bank does not draw a card when the player’s 3rd card is an 8.
Comment from : Rosco

Steve P
Brunson you call em as you see em like a real coach that lady was negative and i agree with what you said i dunno if its selective memory or dealers negativity rubbing off her and into the shoe maybe a good sign to back off but back to your comment yes she couldnt even smile and thats her job , i guess we all cant be happy at work =/
Comment from : Steve P

adam ling
I like your system and way of thinking. Btw when it’s a 3 card pull it’s not a natural. Only if the two cards drawn first and no draw is needed it’s a natural.
Comment from : adam ling

Sophia LI
When turning to $800 one hand i really can't breath....So in casino betting, will you stop for a while or just keep it up coz literally it is the last chance?
Comment from : Sophia LI

Ken Hammond
How about -Brunson Combo System _ or - FX Combo system - FX Triple Combo System
Subscribed - Love the videos - Thank you

Comment from : Ken Hammond

If you lose the third bet, of $800, you’d be down $1400 or so by that point. Nothing to sneeze... at even with a $7k balance. Has that happened to you yet?
Comment from : MrTonyBarzini

Greg Poe
ive been playing with live dealers on bet online.ag and betanysports.eu and they have the same platform,
i'm winning using this method .....i keep playing waiting for it to blow up , but so far so good as long as i follow the rules.....i am playing for free testinging it out so .they dont know what i'm betting on fwiw ,also i don't have the pretty girls you have, lol but I have this method. Thank you for sharing/showing

Comment from : Greg Poe

Greg Poe
The Three Amigos or trace hombres lol
Comment from : Greg Poe

James Cavanagh
Doing good at a brick and mortar casino, doing this. Thanks!
Comment from : James Cavanagh

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Then mail me or know me♦️➡️➡️

Comment from : 1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing

kidz hero
what is the online casino website are you playing ?
Comment from : kidz hero

Lim Ray
3UD124 paymybills system. Haha

Ps: when u betting 400, i was shouting 'ComeOn!' as if I'm in casino. Love this excitement

Comment from : Lim Ray

kevin nagel
I would call it The Brunson Trifecta
Comment from : kevin nagel

Lisa W
Brunson's Baccarat Trilogy System?
Comment from : Lisa W

Niutama Tuhipa
Triple Threat.
Comment from : Niutama Tuhipa

Mark Hunter
How about call it the 'triple threat' ?
Comment from : Mark Hunter

Jonny Perry
Came for the thumbnail but stayed for the video.
Comment from : Jonny Perry

Joe Armstrong
Bro I love you! I've been watching you for a couple weeks. At first I followed your trifecta 6 system but was getting CRACKED. So yesterday was the first day I started using your 3n1 underdog stratagy.. I put in 250 and in 25 minutes doubled my money. BUTTTT I messed up and ended up NOT following the system fully because I was betting superstition and the streaks killed me! Lost all 500 because I just did not think the streak would last that long. BUT I am super pumped for my next session. I will follow this system to a T!! Disciplin disciplin disciplin.
Comment from : Joe Armstrong

Pedro Villegas
Hey man like ur videos, this are funny as f*ck. And f*ck all the haters, haters hate us cause they ain't us lol. U should call ur system '' The hater system''
Comment from : Pedro Villegas

another game for the casino way-both the systems are great brunson

dynamite 3 brunson

Gambling Chi
Another GREAT VIDEO !! Cheers Mate : ))
Comment from : Gambling Chi

The Brunson Burner LOL
Comment from : Alan

Steve Richardson
I think the thumbs down come from people searching for that “holy grail system” that never ever loses. Which does not exist. Your videos are informative and entertaining...win or lose. And they are reality. Thanks!!!!!
Comment from : Steve Richardson

Richard Thorne
Hey Brunson FX the betting experiments are entertaining and good to see combo strategies you can use and win most of the time can you be careful with your volume when you crash and win big you have a louder voice than most but when you blast you are blowing my eardrums out lol 😂 keep up the great job here 👌👍👍
Comment from : Richard Thorne

Wes Snipes
Call it the ‘triple threat’
Comment from : Wes Snipes

dre dugan
My favorite dealer I think I'm in love 💘💘💘
Comment from : dre dugan

SomeWhere In The Rockies
Hey Brunsonfx , fantastic videos - "Brunsons Best Betting' system !! "brunson Better betting "
Comment from : SomeWhere In The Rockies

Making a $625 profit is easy when you have the skills to pay the bills.
Comment from : comfibold

James Givens
The power of 3...... or ........ 3 square
Comment from : James Givens

Great play Brunson FX .Sometimes we need to do "Big" risk sometimes.What is difference between gamblers-investor...Gamblers like emotion and adrenaline rush ,investors want only winn money no emotion .Its like you bet on sports ,many people exampla bet(2000$) and buy alcohol and watch this match IN tV.Investor bet 2000$ and just check the results if winn its ok if lost they think what do next.PEACE:)
Comment from : Mamoulian

Request: Flat betting with underdog & 3 in 1 system. Is it possible to make profit? Lets say flat betting for 45 hands
Comment from : Musherva

Peter Johnston
***The following draw rules are from from the Wizard of Odds site ( wizardofodds.com/games/baccarat/basics/).  Possible to remember the first couple rules but the last one is tough.
If either the Player or Banker have 8 or 9 points, it is referred to as a "natural." If there is at least one natural, then both hands will stand.
Otherwise, if the Player's total is 5 or less, then the Player hand will draw one more card, otherwise, with 6 or 7 points, the Player hand stands.
If the Player hand stands with 6 or 7 points, then the Banker hand will draw a third card on a total of 5 or less. Otherwise, with 6 or 7 points, the Banker will stand.
If the Player does draw a third card, then use the Banker will use his positional advantage to decide whether to take a third card according to his total and the third card drawn to the Player, according to the following table.

Banker Drawing Rules
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
7 S S S S S S S S S S
6 S S S S S S D D S S
5 S S S S D D D D S S
4 S S D D D D D D S S
3 D D D D D D D D S D
2 D D D D D D D D D D
1 D D D D D D D D D D
0 D D D D D D D D D D
D = Draw third card
S = Stand on two cards

Comment from : Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston
Suggest betting system name of LTS. Just acronym for (L)ast three underdog, (T)hree in one, (S)teve Richardson security system. #cashflow!!!
Comment from : Peter Johnston

rob feld
U deserve thumbs up win or lose! If u never lose, ur not real! Nothing worse than someone that never loses
Comment from : rob feld

Thomas Tokarz
Doggy style cash flow
Comment from : Thomas Tokarz

I watch the videos and enjoy your enthusiasm but, why do you put down the dealers based on their looks? If you want to be a pro at this game you have think logically and not blame the card turner for your bad luck. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You were lucky in the previous video but, you are far from being a disciplined Baccarat pro. I'm only saying this to help you. Good luck. I always give your videos a thumbs up.
Comment from : Brandue

Finding Keno
4:25 Player has 5 Banker has 3. The rule for 3 for the Banker is always takes a 3rd card unless the Player 3rd card is an 8. Then the banker stands and does not take as 3rd card. Which is why the banker did not take a card. :) Banker has the advantage because Banker has the 3rd card rule on what the Player 3rd card is. :) I remember these four numbers. 38, 427, 547, 667 so I will know what the banker does. 38 is 3 is banker hand and the 8 is player 3rd card Which is stand. 427 is 4 is banker hand 2-7 is player 3rd card. Then banker will take a card. Same for 547 and 667. Hope this helps to understand when the banker takes a 3rd card. :)
Comment from : Finding Keno

And how legitimate are they?
Comment from : madigreli

chris edwards
Call it the Golden Triangle. Thanks for the channel and all your energy.
Comment from : chris edwards

Call it "NoMore9-5" because thats what its doing for me. People just don't like winning also its probably casino employees disliking your vids. Cause no 9-5 worker would do so lol
Comment from : MiniusTruth

You are the man 👨
Fantastic System as long as you put the 10% rules in place and the security System also..
This is tough discipline.. I will assure you if you waver from the rules YOU WILL GIVE BACK YOUR WINNINGS PLUS YOUR OWN MONEY GUARANTEED..!!!!
Cheers Famo59.👍🍺🤓

Comment from : Famo59

Mark Hunter
Love it 😍 like you said you seem to hit it on the fourth (martingale) bet most of the time. Of course one day there will be that one time 😁. Wondering if it would be less stress to only start betting against 2 in a row? Keep the vids coming 🙏👍
Comment from : Mark Hunter

Call it, The Ménage à trois
Comment from : BADJuJu FLCL

Satnam Dhillon
Walked in casino lost 6 bills fuck bad day system does pay off other days tho
Comment from : Satnam Dhillon

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