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robert kay
free is no t$25.00 shipping
Comment from : robert kay

정품 비◈ㅇr그ㄹr 당일발송 해외직▥구 성]인약}국 SAYAMALSL. COM
Comment from : 최준원

Alex Geoffrey
Thanks I just lost $76,000 this week at the casino because of you
Comment from : Alex Geoffrey

Gambling Chi
Very interesting .. You are very correct on your thinking : )) I shoes are different !! Nice editing by the way : )) Cheers : ))
Comment from : Gambling Chi

Keith B
Your system of relying on what happened in the past wont work. What happened in the past has no bearing on what's going to happen in the future. The only way to make a profit after a loss is by slowly increasing the bets during a losing streak and slowly decreasing them during a winning streak. Something like a variation of the martingale system only instead of doubling each losing bet bet and doing nothing on each winning bet, you just add 1 unit after each lose and subtract 1 unit after each win. Example: lose 15 bet 30, lose 30 bet 45, lose 45 bet 60, win 60 bet 45, win 45 bet 30, lose 30 bet 45 and so on.
Comment from : Keith B

Teresa White
This guy is dumb as a brick.
Comment from : Teresa White

Bali Daily
Ok cool
Comment from : Bali Daily

Agostino Germiniasi
What about Small road , Big eye road , coachroch road and probing road. .??? Are it's useful. ..?? Which offerte them. ..? Please thank you...
Comment from : Agostino Germiniasi

Family Bloopers
When unluckiness strikes, no pattern or stategy will work.
Comment from : Family Bloopers

Desi Melanie
video nya mantul gan,jangan lupa lihat trik ampuh di channel aku yah gan
Comment from : Desi Melanie

Nena Abaquita
Me i follow lucky players or very old folk player. Or if i think its banker then the lucky player same choice with me then i bet more.
Comment from : Nena Abaquita

Dany Hermawan
After many years playing baccarat, I can conclude that noone can master this game but you can be professional, which is in terms of proper bankroll, proper bet size, and proper emotion management. While other areas you can master the field or subject, here you need to master the mentality and fund management aspect. And beside that, u need to add superstitious elements, such as:

1. Look at the history pattern
2. Follow the bet of luckiest person
3. Dont play against the shoe
4. If you think the universe is against you, stop and take a break

If you think you can master the game, you are wrong, but its better to place bets based on something rather than random bets in a guessing game, isnt it?

Comment from : Dany Hermawan

This game is absolutely frustrating coz its hard to break the spell of losing.
Comment from : MrDevilgodspeed

I used to like to follow chop chop means constant switch between B and P or long Banker or Player streak.... Sometimes best startegy is to follow lucky player or players.... If you do not have luck or you do not know what to do.. or just flip a coin haha
Comment from : BialyOrzel777

dabi Dabbagh
the science of playing baccarat
Comment from : dabi Dabbagh

Kevin Thow
This guy did not know what the fuckin he was talking about.
Comment from : Kevin Thow

Yee BayArea
Baccarat is simple. look to see who has the most chips at the table (usually some old asian person) watch them make some bets and notice yes they are winning. Copy their bets. When everyone is on the same page and there is big money on the table and that one asshole bets the minimum against what everyone else is betting take your money down he just fucked everyone
Comment from : Yee BayArea

Millii Rich
First of all you got to come there with a serious bank roll, every shoe is different, it solely lies on your betting, and seeing the patterns, and never go against a run, go with the run, bet big when your feeling it and win. I did it. it depends on luck and the shoe if the shoe is good or bad or consistent shoe. otherwise these systems, count cards and keep track on the cards are useless
Comment from : Millii Rich

This system is flawed. Probability does not care what the last 10 results are. If you are not counting cards, your probability will not be affected by which side has been winning. That is confirmation bias.
Comment from : Bryan

2 strategies I use. firstly, wait for 10 banker or player in a row (including ties) then back the opposite with a conservative progression and a stop loss target. online casinos usually have a lot of tables so 10 in a row happens quite often across the various tables, but it can be boring waiting.

other strategy is similar. again you have to wait for the moment. after there are 8 switches in a row (e.g P B P B P B P B) u will "follow the leader" so in the above example u would back banker. again use conservative progression and have a stop loss so yr not being an idiot and chasing yr losses. live to fight on another table.

Comment from : 4exgold

in a totally random environment like baccarat, any theory can work! .. but not always work! .. try this system: bet banker if last card from previous hand is red, and player if black; you know, you can win! .. anyway, this talk is bullshit because it assumes orderliness in all shoes; bullshit
Comment from : filsuf

Walter Mercado
What about dragons and pandas? How do they fit in?
Comment from : Walter Mercado

Jack Liu
This only works online baccarat and you're at home with all the tracking apps opened. Impossible at the casino except the basic card they provided to you.
Comment from : Jack Liu

steve c
I have seen an older gentleman with 20 years baccarat experience get beat by a 21 year old first timer college student in Las Vegas. Baccarat is all luck and being at the right place at the right time, in my opinion.
Comment from : steve c

Ricker Raden
It isn't about any system. Systems are what scammers promote.
Comment from : Ricker Raden

West Wing
A system is good if you are lucky otherwise, it's useless. Do it but when luck is there, just quit if bad Luck when you still have cash at hand to fight and challenge the Casino on a better day.
My advice is Quit when you are unlucky, continue when you are Lucky because the Casino will always be there for you.
Another advice from me is Win more, Loss less. This is what Professional Players win not because the number of times they win but each winning cover many losses.
Like my advice, give me a thump up if you think I am right.

Comment from : West Wing

Prominent singles International Dating Agency
The biggest misconception is that random means 50/50 after 10 million truth is random does not ever have to be 50/50
Comment from : Prominent singles International Dating Agency

The Market Gamer
1 you can use the same system to play baccarat every time 2 yes would won't win every shoe 3 if you have the right system you can still make a good profit longterm. I made a system that actually works the past game results in the beginning of the video I would be up 9 units and I bet $25 as my minimum so I'd be up $225.
Comment from : The Market Gamer

By the time you see the pattern happen. It already change.
Comment from : BC19

The Tie Is The "Only" Way To Continually Win A Fortune At Baccarat...
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Comment from : "HOW TO WIN IN CASINO'S"

ildefonso Salcedo Cruz
A good system will win you most of the time.... if you know about bankroll management
Comment from : ildefonso Salcedo Cruz

ildefonso Salcedo Cruz
""which ever is ahead will continue to get ahead".. CORRECT UP TO A POINT.... if and only if you bet from the start... or an uptrend.... however, if you were not able to follow the trend and its going down, down or changing from Banker to Player... youll lose. Develop a new system.

Here what I did... 2 systems. Attack Strategy... if you lose... Go to the Recovery mode Strategy. Attack Strategy can be use for longer period. On the other hand, the recovery system is to be use for a shorter period or after 75 percent of your losses have been recovered... What if recovery system lost again. Have another recovery system. Much larger Bet. In short. 2 system for recovery and 1 system for attack...

Comment from : ildefonso Salcedo Cruz

Thương Hồ
hello, could you guide me to become a professional baccarat ?? Please send me a link
Comment from : Thương Hồ

Ronald Karsch
Thanks for the information....this looks like a great way to get started without spending allot of $$$ on systems that don't seem to work!
Comment from : Ronald Karsch

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