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Change Your Life Vlog
I sell my secret Baccarat & Blackjack Winning Strategies for only $500 each, or both for only $750. These are my exact Baccarat & Blackjack Winning Strategies that I use to make between $500 and $2,000 every single day in the Casino. When you buy my secret Baccarat & Blackjack Winning Strategies you also get me as your personal Success Coach. You can email me any time with any additional questions you might have for no additional cost whatsoever. Please email me at changeyourlifevlog@gmail.com
You can purchase my Baccarat & Blackjack Winning Strategies any of the following ways:

1. Send the $500 or $750 through Zelle to my email address: changeyourlifevlog@gmail.com

2. Send the $500 or $750 through Facebook Messenger at my personal Facebook page: www.facebook.com/changeyourlifevlog

3. Send the $500 or $750 through PayPal to my email address: changeyourlifevlog@gmail.com If you choose PayPal, make sure you choose the option SEND MONEY TO A FRIEND.

Some people ask me for coaching over the phone. If this is of interest to you, I do provide live phone consultations at the following rates:
15-minute consultation: $100
30-minute consultation: $175
60-minute consultation: $300

I also travel all over the United States on a weekly basis going to different Casino’s. If you’ve purchased one or both of my strategies, if I ever happen to be going to a Casino near you, I’ll let you know ahead of time and if you want to meet me at that Casino in person and gamble along side of me, I’ll be happy to meet you there at no additional cost whatsoever.

If you like this video go ahead and click the 👍LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel so we can build a close knit community together of like minded people. You can email me personally at changeyourlifevlog@gmail.com

Comment from : Change Your Life Vlog

Gordon Williams
Does baccarat use that hated automatic shoe with 6 to 8 decks?

Is there single deck baccarat?

Are all cards in the shoe?

What about the zero rule (2 face cards or 6 and 4)?

Comment from : Gordon Williams

Roy Gunawan
Comment from : Roy Gunawan

jomar buesa
That 2nd strat seems easy when u r listening to this until you actually play. The easier strat is this. ( stand up. Play with 3 tables at the same time and bet on which has recently won. I guarantee you. It is tiring but, always pick the tables with less walking distance. I've been doing this for a year and i only play with $10 each bet and i was able to buy a car in 10 months . It is very tiring. But its worth it for playing only an hour a day.
Comment from : jomar buesa

i have more than 5 years experience playing baccarat (i usually play once a week) strategies#2 is common strategies people used and martingale will not work well unless your bankroll is huge I am talking about $30000 at least my bank roll was around $12000 and i play palazzo this October i last 10hrs til lost it all my martingale was 100 200 450 800 1700 3500 7100 total of $13850 which i have 7 chance to get money back, baccarat is nothing like coin toss you can lose 20 times in row with bad shoes if i would do it again if can increase my bank roll to least $40,000, so i can do set of bet 100 200 500 1000 2200 4500 5200 11000 15300 (9 chance is actually huge compare to 7 chance with my strategies even you win the 9th hand you still lost $$$ around $10000 but $30000 can get you start strategies again )and also if you have stick with martingale system very strictly which is not easy when you are losing steak it is hard to go all in at the end and you have to keep making a bet like systematic which make you not enjoy game as much anymore (because you are basically girding !!working not gambling anymore) my best advice is for new player do not play every hand if you are not comfortable and take a quick break every 30~40mins (walk around check out other table, smoking break, meal break, rest room or make a reason go for break, help you to refocus in the game)
Comment from : 머리검은외국인

Song Than
play baccarat put $ on the side bet that’s call goofy $ step in the game just make it easy win or lose my opinion i love to follow up your strategy 2 and 3 🍺🍺🍺
Comment from : Song Than

i find it.. hmmm very vain.. is this strategies for newbies? do you have something more advance on the trends instead?
Comment from : BAI CAARAT

Brandon MinniAp
Lmao 😂
Comment from : Brandon MinniAp

Strategy Number 2 is 💰
Comment from : D B

Lemme know when your in MD.. We have 5casinos... Live Casino-MGM National Harbor-Horseshoe Casino-HollyWood Casino. Oceans Downs Casino......
Comment from : D B

#ColeSonMusic #SingerSongwriter
great info dude. thanks.
Comment from : #ColeSonMusic #SingerSongwriter

Can you come to Oakland and play baccarat w me lmao
Comment from : WOowoo600

No offense but 95% winning percentage? you must be kidding...I play EZ baccarat...don’t count TIEs and Dragon Pushes, my win / loss ratio is ~52% / ~48%....and I’m a star at my casino. A guy who plays $1000/ hand pays me $25 for each winning prediction....I can easily make $800 off him per shoe, risk free. Too bad he doesn’t come often.
Comment from : Randomax

Benedict teo
Bro, Your 95-100% is Unbelievable!
If so, Why are Selling Your System???
Nobody has ever Won the Casino unless You CHEAT!

Comment from : Benedict teo

Thomas Boch
interesting video
Comment from : Thomas Boch

Koro Koro
I LOL when you say you win '95%' of the time...
Comment from : Koro Koro

Just10tv. inc
Thanks for information baccarat players keep grinding.
Comment from : Just10tv. inc

Crypto Now
Nice video very detailed. Looking forward to the next one. Maybe a day in the life professional baccarat player.
Comment from : Crypto Now

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