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Maximillian Santiago
Go is way more complex then Chess
Comment from : Maximillian Santiago

Kidding me? Monopoly is the most luck dependend lucky luck game. Of course there's strategy... if the damn dices are not against you. A game with strategy is a game without dice.
Comment from : I LIKE TREES

Jean De Guise
Lol with this video you lost all credibility you had with you other videos. Really... Monopoly and Cranium strategic?
Comment from : Jean De Guise

Dimitri Efthymiou
so u wanna tell me that risk requires more strategy than catan and carcassone. they dont know what they are talking about
Comment from : Dimitri Efthymiou

Milán Misli
This comment section is full of 'Monopoly is not strategy game'
Because its not....


Comment from : Milán Misli

marlon de guzman
Monopoly is a luck based game not a strategy game. Lol!
Comment from : marlon de guzman

Onyx Gamoza
Chess to all game boards: Amateurs
Comment from : Onyx Gamoza

Sam Plautz
Cranium has no strategy in it at all. Wth you don't know a thing about strategy
Comment from : Sam Plautz

Fessly Drop
This list is a load of garbage. You have just listed top selling board games. Basically Catan and Ticket to Ride are the only somewhat strategic ones and Chess is God. However, this doesn't consider beautiful games that can be found in small stores which are often best.
Comment from : Fessly Drop

Radioactive Ali
List is downright embarrassing.
Comment from : Radioactive Ali

I know I’m a year late on bashing this video but I gotta put my 2 cents in! This video is just vomiting well known outdated games. Chess is the only one that rightfully belongs here, maybe Go.

“Roll and move on a linear track” (Monopoly) is the worst game mechanism ever devised and is part of what created the term “Ameritrash.”

If Watch Mojo puts this much effort into all of their videos then I can no longer trust any video they put out.

Watch Mojo, if you need a board game expert I’m for hire.

Comment from : FailroadExpress

"Number 2 : Go"
Me : Oh no, if chess is in the first place...
"Number 1 : ..."
(overturned my laptop)

Comment from : 8JoF

Clearly a list made by people that don't have a depth of experience with board games.
Comment from : NICK Van DAM

Nick Rage
Monopoly all you have to do is buy and develop boardwalk and park place and you got it
Comment from : Nick Rage

David Steiner
Convene and dragons causes a lot of strategy
Comment from : David Steiner

Sayd Monirul Islam
Am I the only one who searches for board games when my parents take away my ps4?😂😂😂
Comment from : Sayd Monirul Islam

martin pejchar
sorry but for me player this is bullshit
Comment from : martin pejchar

Luka Mancini
have u ever heard of the game treasure hunter?
Comment from : Luka Mancini

Victor Silva
There are waaay better board games nowadays. You guys have no idea what you are talking about.
Comment from : Victor Silva

Kosteri x
International checkers beats chess. Catan is decided begoten the first roll. Monopoly is not strategic, a string of games might be.
Comment from : Kosteri x

Luis Olguin
Hmmm... Agricola, Raiders of the north sea, champions of midgard, splendor, everdell, gaia project, clans of caledonia, 7 wonders duel, five tribes, great western trail. Just to name a few.
Comment from : Luis Olguin

Sidney Ristock
This video is a clear contender for the top 10 most inaccurate watchmojo videos. :) Some of the games are not even strategy games. :)
Comment from : Sidney Ristock

Leo Skoble
10. Poker: the Board Game
9. (...have they ever actually played Cranium?)
8. Monopoly: Just the Railroads
7. Monopoly (rolling dice! so much strategy!)
6: Catan (okay yeah this one's sort of strategy game)
5: Carcassonne (this one also involves strategy)
4: Risk (this one too)
3: Scrabble (wait you guys don't check the Scrabble dictionary to see if insert random letters you have is a word?)
2: Go: Chess for people who hate chess
1: Of course it's chess

Comment from : Leo Skoble

The Grilled Popsicle
No stratego?
Comment from : The Grilled Popsicle

David Winston
Comment from : David Winston

Monopoly srsly
Comment from : Lucy_____

Jasper Howell Sibal
Game of the Generals
Comment from : Jasper Howell Sibal

I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but for some reason it popped up on my feed. I'm not sure weather to laugh or cry about this.
Sadly I believe this is an accurate representation of how most people view boardgames. So, to the intended target audience, this list is at least understandable.

Whenever i tell someone I play boardgames, invariably their first words are: "Sooo...like... Monopoly?"

I think if a person with an average background sat down and watched a modern strategy heavy boardgame being played, it would blow their mind.

The arguments in the comments section are hilarious, the people defending Monopoly think that their ground black peppercorn is spicy, when the hobby gamers know that TI4 and Gaia Project are like damn strategy ghost peppers. But if you never tasted anything spicier than black pepper, well, then it may be difficult to comprehend why those elitist pricks are laughing at you.

Comment from : epalshiva

perry chirpy
#1 chess
Comment from : perry chirpy

Ken Shoda
Where are Reiner Knizia's games???
Comment from : Ken Shoda

Center Mass Gamer
Try playing D&D with a DM who would like nothing better then a TPK, that requires strategy.
Comment from : Center Mass Gamer

The most complex board game of all time is Magic the Gathering
Comment from : IronDuke6

Josh Villa
What about munchkin
Comment from : Josh Villa

The Man With No Name
Tahiti could of been a great one its lighr gameplay and strategy it could of been a great option
Comment from : The Man With No Name

The Man With No Name
Catan is not a strategy game
Comment from : The Man With No Name

The Man With No Name
You could of actually looked into better board games such as doom or EVERY star wars game
Comment from : The Man With No Name

Priyo Raihan
Any game that uses a dice is not a true strategy game.
Comment from : Priyo Raihan

speed up
Where is the game called the "game of the generals"? Its good you know
Comment from : speed up

Andy McGuire
As an avid boardgamer, I find this piss poor video both hilarious and insulting at the same time. More than half of these are your basic classic Milton Bradly/Parker Bros. bullshit. Do they even know about the massive board game renaissance that is going on? Dice Tower, Boardgamegeek.com, Gencon, Essen, AEG, literally anything else?!?!
Comment from : Andy McGuire

GD RNG Dragon
Well, people can recover from making blunders (a.k.a. the swindle). Although it is excruciatingly difficult to do, it is still possible and has been done before.
Comment from : GD RNG Dragon

Concordia hellooo
Comment from : Lazlum

Ahaan Pardesi
You haven’t explained any of the strategies. Also, risk and monopoly require lots of luck as well.
Comment from : Ahaan Pardesi

Dr Numbnuts
This video is a joke. Monopoly requires strategy yes, but that strategy revolves around luck. If you get bad luck strategy isn’t going to help you. Do real research and make real content.
Comment from : Dr Numbnuts

Rich Rusch
I've heard of 3 of them and played Risk only once
Comment from : Rich Rusch

www.boardgamegeek.com for actual board games. This list was farcical.
Comment from : ThatSpyGuy

Creshex ACS
Monopoly!?!? Risk!?!? You people at WatchMojo are idiots! Worse, you didn’t just say “games that require strategy,” you said LOTS of strategy! You clearly have never known what the word means if you put Monopoly on this list. Also, not one game on this list includes something you have to buy at a real game store. These are all WalMart games.
Comment from : Creshex ACS

ad11 King
Smallword  pandimic
Comment from : ad11 King

Takara Barnes
Our Top 10 Board and card games
10: Monopoly
9: Ticket to Ride
8: Scrabble
7: Charades
6: Go Fish
5: Leo goes to the barber
4: Shimmer and Shine Forever Friends
3: Uno
2: The Game of Life
1: Payday.

Comment from : Takara Barnes

Elias Hartmark
This list is a joke. Risk? Really? Axis and allies should have taken that place.
Comment from : Elias Hartmark

Pranav John
Why did I not see #1 being chess
Comment from : Pranav John

The DarthSparX Legends
Solarquest it's the original Monopoly
Comment from : The DarthSparX Legends

Columba Iona
Go is the top strategy game IMO - but it will burn your brain cells the longer you play...
Comment from : Columba Iona

Neha Bisht
Where is risk
Comment from : Neha Bisht

Dan Vercruysse
Many of these board games are not comparable to real board game players. This list in video game terms would be like a list of Gameboy games compared to PS4 games of 2019. Not a true board game player had a single input on this. Twilight Imperium is the new Risk, Monopoly is very old and the new Monopoly is Terraforming Mars. Please do more research next time. Try starting with Boardgamegeek.com
Comment from : Dan Vercruysse

Monopoly is strategy for those who are saying it is luck and it should be number 1
Comment from : Coolguy717

JazStudios OwO
Ticket to ride made me Cuss like fu####
Comment from : JazStudios OwO

Jude Samson
Interestingly, the Brits used Monopoly to hide important items in order to help POWs escape. A great story to look up.
Comment from : Jude Samson

This list is appalling trash. Only Risk, Chess and Go can be considered strategic on this list.

As many people stated this should be "top ten games you can buy at Walmart that are more strategic than hungry hungry hippos.

Try Blood Rage, Twilight Imperium, Evolution, Root, Terraforming Mars, Pandemic basically anything that isn't roll to move completely random zero strategy trash.

I'm surprised snakes and ladders didn't appear on your list. A game that's 100% luck of the dice and barely even an activity.

Fuck you watch mojo and your misleading shovelware anti content. Puerto Rico was an honourable mention and it's more strategic than basically the entire list!

It's because of shitty lists like this people don't realize board games are actually awesome rewarding experiences and not just rage inducing sewage like fucking monopoly. A game that has NO RIGHT to be successful a the how shit it is on a factual inarguably level.

Comment from : ATrueNightmare

ItzIceBoy Gaming
Comment from : ItzIceBoy Gaming

ItzIceBoy Gaming
I am good at chess


Comment from : ItzIceBoy Gaming

penny yuna
wrong name. Top 10 casual board games that require a bit of strategy.( I agree for the first two)
Comment from : penny yuna

Jason Sesta
You should be ashamed of this video and pull it ASAP......just wow. Most of these aren’t even legit board games in the modern sense. I do think a couple of games like TtR, Carcassonne, Go, and Chess are good enough for the purposes of a mainstream audience. At least those are strategy games. The rest...not so much.
Comment from : Jason Sesta

Kermit the Frog
Mancala? Really! It’s so simple how is it hard??? I’ve played it and it requires little strategy at all, just follow some self set directions and that’s about it. You just do the same thing.
Comment from : Kermit the Frog

Rob Grimmett
There is zero strategy in monopoly
Comment from : Rob Grimmett

Ryan Eugene
Holy shiet. None of these are actually great board games that requires strategies
Comment from : Ryan Eugene

Unbelievably moronic. It's amazing how little you all care about knowing what you rank.
Comment from : PineappleDude

Beckham Trevett
It is axis and allies 1914 not 1981
Comment from : Beckham Trevett

The Emperor
Wtf? Persia? Its Iran. Honestly go learn history.
Comment from : The Emperor

Jake Glenn
Monopoly is almost completely random. Strategy only plays a small role. There are tens of thousands of modern board games that require a lot more strategy. Please get with the times, WatchMojo.
Comment from : Jake Glenn

Monopoly at number 7? It shouldn't even be the damn thumbnail. There is little to no strategy in monopoly. You control next to nothing, luck does. Terrible list.
Comment from : Lugo428

Sunny Sun
Comment from : Sunny Sun

twilight imperium..rebellion...feast for odin...lords of vegas...eclipse..fury of dracula..scythe...caverna.. #1 is campaign of north africa ..game is so long nobody has recorded finishing it
Comment from : odsonic

Well, Those light kid friendly games do require more thinking then making Watchmojo top 10 lists, I will give them that much.
Comment from : Skiveron

Lars van der Schoot
This is pathetic..
Comment from : Lars van der Schoot

Piedra Bonita gris
The game "Diplomacy" would be great...
Comment from : Piedra Bonita gris

Am I the only one that hates when she says French words? Like I swear they put french words in the script just because she speaks French
Comment from : LightninLarry

Pete Zahjutt
Blood rage anyone?
Comment from : Pete Zahjutt

Nick Hayes
I'd hate to see what would happen if the WatchMojo people played any actual strategic boardgames.  Obviously, no research whatsoever was done into the current boardgaming hobby.  Terrible list.  Only a couple of the games listed on here come anywhere close to even belonging on it, and they (despite being good games) are a complete stretch to say that they are super strategic.  This list is garbage.
Comment from : Nick Hayes

Mit Játsszunk?
I never disliked a Watchmojo video until now, but the thing, that Monopoly is in a strategy list, knocked me out. No way! Shame! It you make a board game list, learn first. Boardgamegeek.com
Comment from : Mit Játsszunk?

Board Game Unboxing 101
Monopoly, really? That game almost requires zero strategy and the only thing you can do is to pray you don't loose your money.
Comment from : Board Game Unboxing 101

Daniel Caires
www.boardgamegeek.com should be a good source for a real good list.
Comment from : Daniel Caires

Jane Huskmann
I actually was introduced to Mancala via a child's video game, when I was a child.

Also, _Red Dragon Inn_, anyone?

Comment from : Jane Huskmann

Bruno Ferreira
this video is useless if you are really looking for strategic board games. visit "Dice Tower" channel or others for a comprehensive list of amazing games of all styles
Comment from : Bruno Ferreira

Alex Rhyme
With the possible exception of Go, all of these are considered gateway games. They are to strategy what fast food is to cuisine.
Comment from : Alex Rhyme

Blue Hyper Gaming 00
Comment from : Blue Hyper Gaming 00

Woooooow I TOTALLY didn’t guess number 1..... -_-
Comment from : Kranitoko

Ticket to ride is a german game, the US version is not the "typical" version, and did not come out first either.
Comment from : Browk

Tyrus Sleightholme
Scrabble 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Tyrus Sleightholme

WTF is this list? Monopoly? Seriously? That game is pure luck. There is no strategy in Monopoly. It's just rolling dice.
And there are far more strategic games then risk, Cranium, Sequence or Scrabbel. For example Terra Mystica, Project Gaia, Scythe, Imperial Assault, Terraforming Mars, Star Wars: Rebellion, Caverna, Twillight Struggle, Twillight Imperium, 7 Wonders or Spirit Island.

Comment from : drakmendoa

VOICE theVillain
How could you not include Dungeons and Dragons? I know someone still playing the same game since 1988.
Comment from : VOICE theVillain

Only one word fits perfect for the makers of this garbage...Ignorance!!
Comment from : warrioros

Michael Hastriter
This list is so ignorant of how far board games have come.
Comment from : Michael Hastriter

Paulus Melvin Tan
FYI: Go can be played with 19×19 lined grids for tournaments, 13×13 lined grids, and 9×9 lined grids for casual styles
Comment from : Paulus Melvin Tan

Ray Bong
I hope they include Game of the Generals.
Comment from : Ray Bong

David Medina
This is a TERRIBLE top 10...
Comment from : David Medina

Kip Blass
It seems the biggest mistake of WM wasn't just the selections, but being completely oblivious to the fact that there's a large community of people who are very invested in the topic, and have spent years researching and participating in the activity (to which I cannot claim to be a part of) and that they are probably going to be the ones watching this particular video. If they had just referenced any of the gamers (not even the most advanced gamers, simply some of the more popular ones, quill18 comes to mind) they would know some of the "must-have" entries for the list which are absent, and above all else knowing the the inclusion of Monopoly is a catastrophic choice; it's the equivalent of including Pee-Wee Herman in a list of "all-time greatest actors." I like some of the suggested choices in the comments such as Pandemic, but am surprised that no one has mentioned Battlestar Galactica: the Board Game. my understanding is that it requires a good amount of strategy and is one of the more engaging games. More advanced gamers: is this not the case?
Comment from : Kip Blass

Ian Flanagan
Replace monopoly with Blokus. How about nim and back gamon, they require more strategy than some of the games on this list. Also there is a diference between games that are pure strategy and games that involve limited amounts of luck.
Comment from : Ian Flanagan

Verena Sonar
I love chess!!!!!
Comment from : Verena Sonar

VideoGameFan 1998
Where's Scene It? The DVD Board Game?
Comment from : VideoGameFan 1998

Tomáš Daniel
Comment from : Tomáš Daniel

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